#TrellidorAnswers: Can You Melt Clear Burglar Bars?

Clear burglar bars are made from Polycarbonate thermoplastic, which is stable between temperatures of -20°C  and up to 140°C, depending on the grade. If exposed to intense heat it melts but does not sustain the flame and does not burn, even under extreme direct heat like a propane torch. If the Polycarbonate panel melts, it doesn’t break. It just softens and remoulds itself, so this is not an effective way of trying to break into a home.

It is worth noting that it takes a long time to soften the clear burglar bars and thieves need the right tools to attempt this. They can’t simply use cigarette lighters or matches. They’ll burn their fingers before they get the Polycarbonate soft enough to weaken it.

Many grades of Polycarbonate thermoplastics have a high fire rating because this melting property does not aid the spread of a fire. No fumes are given off by most burning Polycarbonates, which adds to its fire safety rating. These are the properties that make it popular as a building material in areas where health and safety regulations for building are strictly enforced.


What are clear burglar bars?

Clear burglar bars made from see-through Polycarbonate thermoplastic are a popular form of window protection. They are usually installed to keep monkeys and baboons out of kitchens, bedrooms and living areas, where they make a mess once they get it. It is a humane way of stopping these primates from getting inside a home, whether it’s an apartment or house.

Sometimes clear burglar bars are fitted to windows as a deterrent to criminal intruders. In this case, the bars are attached to windows in various ways, depending on the supplier. They are occasionally fitted by homeowners themselves after purchasing Polycarbonate bars from a hardware store.

Polycarbonate bars are preferred by people that don’t want any clutter in their windows to spoil their view or to make them feel like they’re imprisoned in their own home. So they’ll use the bars on their windows as a security measure against intruders and thieves while preserving their views.

Before deciding on whether Polycarbonate bars are right for you and your home if you’re considering installing them for protection, take a look at the following misunderstandings people have about this products.



What are clear burglar bars made from?

See-through burglar proofing is made from Polycarbonate thermoplastic. It is not an everyday-use plastic like your lunchbox or juice bottle. This is a specially formulated, engineering grade thermoplastic with high impact resistance.

This type of heavy-duty ‘plastic’ is used to make skylights in roofs; protective eyewear; machinery components; outdoor signage; car ports; conservatories; replacements for glass windows; and many other items that need to be strong and resilient.

In all these applications, the Polycarbonate is used because it is tough and strong. It is certainly not a weak material and some grades of this type of plastic are used for armour plating.


Are clear burglar bars safe?

Polycarbonate may be lightweight, but it is stronger than glass. So if you have no burglar proofing on your glass windows, you would be more secure by having Polycarbonate bars installed to protect them from intruders.

Good quality Polycarbonate thermoplastic burglar bars:

  • Have a high impact resistance.
  • Do not chip or crack easily.
  • Are highly resistant to UV light.
  • Do not deteriorate, discolour, or warp easily.

If you add in the fact that Trellidor Poly Guard burglar proofing is stabilised and strengthened with a full, four-sided frame, then the end result is clear burglar bars that provide a more than adequate level of strength and protection under attack.

If you live in a high crime rate area, then you may need to consider a heavy-duty form of protection like Trellidor  Retractable safety gates for doors and windows. And perhaps a Rollerstyle roller shutter in your ‘safe zone.’

But homes in apartments, housing estates and gated communities are well protected with Trellidor Poly Guard on windows. In these locations it is an extra layer of safety in addition to peripheral security measures.


Can you easily cut polycarbonate bars?

If the Polycarbonate bars have been screwed, welded or rivetted directly into the window frame, they may be easier to cut out than fully framed versions like Trellidor Poly Guard. The Trellidor product is stronger because of the four-sided frame and tamper-proof fixings.

But even poorly fitted Polycarbonate bars are no easier to cut or saw through than steel. It takes so long and makes so much noise that burglars or home invaders will be caught in the act way before they’ve had time to get into your home. Also, intruders need to carry the right tools with them to the targeted home, which would raise suspicion and make their objective obvious.

Another point to consider is that if the gaps between each bar on the Poly Guard burglar proofing unit are narrow enough, thieves won’t have enough space to insert tools to try to cut through the bars. They run the risk of the tool they’re using bouncing off the Polycarbonate bar and cutting the burglar instead.

So fully framed Polycarbonate burglar bars like the Trellidor design is difficult for thieves to successfully cut through or burn and melt to break into a home.



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