Rollerstyle Shutter

Aluminium roller shutter doors are an effective form of security for doors and windows. Closed roller shutter doors protect people and property from robbery, vandalism, wind, rain, hail, and sound. Roller shutter doors are custom-made to fit doors, windows, passages, retail counters and a variety of other openings both indoors and outdoors.

Residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor roller shutters are all similar in appearance. They consist of a series of horizontal slats hinged together through an interlocking system to form a solid barrier called a ‘curtain’ when lowered down to close an opening. The curtain of slats rolls up into a compact shutter box when opened.

Why choose Trellidor
Rollerstyle roller shutters?

The Trellidor team believes that everyone has the right to be safe, whether it’s at home or work. The company was established over 45 years ago and we have installed over four million security doors and windows in South Africa and around the world. We design and manufacture our products to protect people and assets.

Our Rollerstyle roller shutter doors are treated against corrosion and powder coated so that they can be used in coastal as well as inland locations. We provide every customer with warranties that are realistic and fair and guarantee excellent after-sales service.

For our customers’ peace of mind, we invest in third-party testing and certification of our high-end designs to ensure that our entire range provides the best protection on offer.


Aluminium roller shutters custom made for doors and windows.

Motor options include solar power and manual over-ride, 220V AC with manual override option, 220V AC with no manual override option and 12V DC battery operated with manual override option.

Obstacle sensors options.
Can be linked into ‘smart home’ automation systems.
Can be retro-fitted or fully integrated into the design of a new building.
Unobtrusive side guide channels can be recessed into walls.
Controls include wall mounted panel, hand held remotes.
Neat, compact shutter box can be recessed in wall or ceiling cavity depending on location.
Can assist with internal temperature control and sound insulation.
Provides excellent security in lock down position.
Carry warranties against defective workmanship, materials and corrosion.

How Roller Shutters Work

To open and close roller shutter doors, the curtain of horizontal slats travels up and down inside guide channels, one on each side of the curtain. These guides can be recessed into the wall for a neat installation.

Most roller shutters doors do not need a bottom channel, so there is no tripping hazard on the floor and it is not necessary to cut into the floor to fit a track.

The exception is high-risk locations, where a bottom channel may be specified for additional protection.

The Trellidor range of roller shutter doors is motorised. This makes them easy and convenient to use with a hand-held or wall-mounted control device. Motorised roller shutters can be integrated into the automated central control system of a building, whether it’s a home or business complex.

The roller shutter door motor is housed in a shaft in a neat, compact box at the top of the opening. The curtain of slats is suspended from the shaft and rolls around it to open or close. With planning during a new build or an alteration to an existing building, the shutter box can be hidden inside a ceiling cavity and out of sight.

A simple manual override kit can be purchased. This is useful for roller shutter doors in South Africa and other parts of the world where power outages occur frequently.



Single wall roller shutter with 40mm wide slats.


Double wall roller shutter with 40mm wide slats.


Double wall roller shutter with 36mm wide slats that alternate with 7mm wide actuators.


Double wall roller shutter with 55mm wide slats.


Single wall roller shutter with 40mm wide slats.


Double wall roller shutter with 40mm wide slats.


A double wall of interlocking 55mm extruded aluminium curtain slats.


Double wall roller shutter with 36mm wide slats that alternate with 7mm wide actuators.


Double wall roller shutter with 55mm wide slats.


How do Roller Shutters Add Value?

Roller shutters have the following features and benefits that add value
to any building, residential, commercial, or industrial.

  • Choose the colour of the roller shutter door’s powder coating from a wide range of options.
  • Shutters are made according to the dimensions of the door or window opening.
  • Optional extras such as safety sensors and manual over-ride kits are available.
  • Roller shutters can be installed during building construction or in an existing building.
  • They can be fitted internally or externally and to windows, doors, and safe havens.
  • The installation process causes little disruption and is relatively quick.
  • Aluminium roller shutter doors are neat enough to blend in seamlessly inside homes.
  • There are models purpose-designed for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
  • The range includes the RH40 Lockdown Shutter with anti-lift Actuators to protect against vandalism, rioting, and theft of assets.
  • Roller shutters provide security as well as privacy when rolled down into the closed position.
  • In addition, they provide thermal insulation and a reduction in energy usage costs.
  • Plus they protect against poor weather conditions and provide acoustic insulation.

Where to use Rollerstyle Shutters

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutter doors provide effortless protection for homes and businesses. They deliver a neat, compact security solution for doors & windows, and are also a leading security barrier for the following locations:

The bar counters in commercial premises are incredibly vulnerable as it is easy for someone to slide over the top of the counter and steal the stock on the other side.

Roller shutter doors prevent theft and vandalism because you can fit them along the length of the counter. The shutter can be lowered at closing time or during an emergency such as fear of an attack or the threat of violence.

Serving hatches in fast food outlets and shopping mall food courts are a weak point. Roller shutter doors can be used to close and protect the hatch opening. Once closed, the shutters present thieves and vandals with a formidable obstacle.

National chains can order roller shutters in colours that reflect their corporate identity so that the shutters fit in with shop fitting specifications.

Canteens in factories and offices require protection to avoid theft in the supplies storage facility, food preparation area, and serving counters. Roller shutter doors provide a simple solution to creating the required level of security.

Roller shutter doors are motorised and easy to operate. They open and close smoothly and can be used to safeguard any part of the canteen that needs it.  

Roller shutters are the ideal solution to keeping medicines and dangerous substances locked up. Use roller shutter doors to secure serving counters, supply rooms and consulting rooms. Once rolled down to the floor or counter top, they are difficult for thieves to dislodge.

Shutters are safe to use in public areas such as medical dispensaries because they do not require a bottom track, so there is no danger of creating a tripping hazard.

Roller shutter doors are perfectly suitable for conference rooms because they can break up a large space into smaller areas when necessary.

When the conference rooms needs to be expanded again, the motorised roller shutters are easily raised into their shutter boxes, out of sight until needed again.

Closed roller shutters offer sound insulation and help to darken the room for multi-media presentations. The shutters can be fitted to doors as well as windows,

Roller shutter doors are an excellent solution for safe zones as the shutters can be fitted in your passageway or your staircase to prevent anyone from entering your safe zone.

The shutters can block out anyone, keeping you safe while you call for help or make an escape through a window.

Safe zone roller shutters roll up inside narrow side guides, which can be recessed into walls of the passage allowing for a neat installation.

Who can use Trellidor Rollerstyle Shutters?

Roller shutters block out anyone who might try to gain access into your home and keep you safe while you reach out for help.

It is easy to fit roller shutters into your home anywhere, including the passage, and they have a compact shutter box that will not ruin the look of your doorway.

Roller shutters are ideal for business owners. When fitted to doors and windows, the shutters provide a high level of protection outside of operating hours. During working hours, roller shutters protect staff members from intruders when necessary, such as when cashing up. The shutters can be used to close off private administrative areas from the general public.

Hand-held remote controls for motorised shutters can be assigned to designated staff members that are responsible for operating the shutters and keeping the remote control safe.  

Roller shutters can be used in commercial buildings such as factories. They provide high-level protection against break-in attempts and theft and are easy to operate as they are motorised.

Install roller shutters to protect dispatch doorways, canteens, storage facilities, dangerous substances, stock rooms, and rooms that store alternative power sources such as batteries, generators, and invertors.

Conference room operators can use roller shutters to break up large conference rooms into smaller spaces while also offering sound insulation, ensuring that there won’t be too much disruption due to noise.

Conference room operators can install roller shutters to doors and windows to darken the room, which is necessary for viewing multi-media presentations.

When to use Trellidor Rollerstyle Shutters


Use custom made roller shutter doors to lock up your home. They are a strong and reliable form of protection. Closed roller shutters make it difficult for anyone to break in and also block out bad weather.


Install roller shutter doors on doors and windows around your home to create a safe zone. To lock up at night, close the shutters at the touch of a button to keep you safe while you sleep.

External roller shutter doors are fully automated, enabling you to open and close them using a hand-held remote or a control panel fixed to the wall.


Bring down your roller shutter doors when you are going out because an empty home or business is an easy target for criminals. Closed shutters will protect your unoccupied premises from break-ins.


Protect holiday homes all year round with roller shutter doors on doors and windows. The shutters can be fitted internally or externally. They can be fitted to any opening and provide a high level of security.

Roller shutter doors can also protect your holiday home from bad weather, and they also extend to your living space when they are installed right outside of your entertainment area.


Retractable Security Gates
VS Roller Shutters

Retractable security gates slide from side to side by hand. They are locked using a key with a dead lock or slammed closed with a slam lock. Retractable gates have a bottom track for extra strength and easy sliding. You can see through the gates when they are closed and locked.

By contrast, roller shutter doors glide up and down inside side guides. They can be automated and operated at the touch of a button. They do not need a bottom track. You can’t see through locked down shutters unless some of the solid slats have been replaced with punched viewing panels.

Retractable security gates and roller shutter doors both provide excellent protection so to help decide which is best for you, read this ARTICLE.

Louvre Shutters vs
Roller Shutters

Louvre security shutter doors are all-in-one burglar proofing and blinds for windows and doors. They are made to match the format of the window or door, e.g. bi-fold glass doors will have bi-fold security shutters next to them for protection when closed. The shutters are usually fitted internally and are locked with a key.

Roller shutter doors are similar in that they are also an all-in-one barrier. They provide burglar proofing and cover the doors or windows when closed. They are different in that they roll down from a shutter box to lock down the opening, either internally or externally. They can be motorised for remote control.

Louvre security shutter doors and roller shutter doors both offer a high level of protection, so to help you choose the best one for you, READ MORE.


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Roller shutters roll up and down inside side guides that are recessed into the walls. To open, they roll up into a neat shutter box. To close, they roll down to the floor. They are motorised and operated using a hand-held or wall mounted remote control pad.

Roller Shutters can assist with internal temperature control and sound insulation.

Trellidor offers an optional easy-to-use manual override crank handle for use with roller shutters in case of power outages or other electrical malfunction.

Roller shutters are an extremely reliable form of barrier security. There are several models available, ranging from single wall to double wall and varying slat widths. These factors influence the strength of the roller shutter. The choice of model will depend on how vulnerable the location is to criminal attack.

Trellidor recommends the following cleaning method for aluminium roller shutters:

* Use a premium quality (salt free) car wash liquid, mixed with water as per the manufacturer’s directions.

* Use this mix and a soft cotton cloth to clean the entire roller shutter ‘curtain’ i.e. the slats that make up the shutter.

* Also wipe down the side guide channels in the walls.

* Never use abrasive cleaners, detergent based cleaners or solvent based cleaners such as scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, thinners etc. These could adversely affect the expected life of the product.

* Hard to reach areas may require the use of a soft nylon bristle brush like a dishwashing brush.

* Dry the roller shutter slats and guides with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.

* Do not try to clean the motor inside the shutter box.

* But you can clean the box itself, wiping it clean as above.