Shape Up or Watch your Stuff Shipped Out: How to Combat SA Housebreaking Stats

In 2020/21 an estimated 1,0 million incidences of housebreaking occurred, affecting 809 000 households in South Africa (Stats SA, Victims of Crime Survey 2021). It is ‘the most common crime experienced by households in the country’, according to the report. There was a glimmer of light when the report noted that these figures are 17 percent down on the previous reporting period. But the figures are still way too high for a population of around 60 million. Whether we like it or not, security doors and burglar bars are a good way of helping to keep housebreakers out of your home. The good news is that the choice is not only about metal bars. There are many new designs that are attractive and multi-functional for doors and windows. But where do you begin if you want to avoid becoming part of the housebreaking statistics in the next reporting year?

Start with a home security assessment

Get the home protection process going with an audit of the security you already have in place. Your local Trellidor outlet can do this for you. Once you know where the gaps are, you can start by fixing these weak points to stop people from getting inside your home. Read more at #TrellidorAnswers: What Should I Expect When Trellidor Professionals Come for an Assessment?

Make your home safer, even on a tight budget

If the Trellidor home security assessment reveals that you are not safe at home because there are too many vulnerable windows and doors, don’t despair. There are many ways to find the protection you need, for example:
  • Use wallet-friendly burglar bars such as Trellidor Burglar Guard. Find out more in our blog post ‘Top 5 Trellidor Burglar Guard Benefits to Take Advantage Of’
  • There are other designs that are worth upping the budget for because they do more than just keep you safe. This makes them cost-effective in the long term, so consider products like louvre shutters, Clear Guard security screens and roller shutters.
  • Trellidor customers can make use of several easy-to-access finance options, including 3-months interest-free bridging finance; a 24-month account with interest; or through layby up to six months. Get more information on finance options.
  • Another route is to create a ‘safe haven’ in your home instead of trying to find the money for burglar bars and security gates for the entire home. Read how to create a safe zone in our blog Safe Zone Basics.

Ask for help to prevent housebreaking

The core belief of the Trellidor team is that everyone has the right to be safe at home. We are often one of the first companies called into a home after a family has experienced a traumatic break-in. So our people have first-hand knowledge of how homes are broken into and what to do about stopping it happening again. The best advice we can give is to use this expertise to your own advantage. Find your nearest Trellidor outlet and ask all the questions you have about how to keep out of the annual crime stats headlines. Find us here

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