Top 5 Trellidor Burglar Guard Benefits to Take Advantage Of

If you are looking for reasonably priced window burglar guard designs that fit neatly and are strong enough to protect windows, then you can’t go wrong with Trellidor Burglar Guard. These burglar guards are real ‘work horses’ that can be trusted to do their job.

Here are the top five reasons why you could benefit from these burglar guards for windows:

  1. Affordability

    Price is often the deciding factor for people in the market for window security. Trellidor Burglar Guard is very affordable, making it an obvious choice for anyone on a tight budget.

    Although it is well-priced, these burglar guards are not ‘cheap’ in terms of how they are made and the strength they provide. This is not a do-it-yourself type of product that will buckle at the first blow of a well-aimed kick. It is made at the Trellidor factory with the same care and attention paid to more expensive ranges.

    The price point of these burglar guards for windows makes them very attractive for homes and commercial buildings with many windows to secure. All the windows can be protected with Burglar Guard, instead of having to make choices about which windows should be secured first and which ones will have to wait until more funds become available.
  1. In-built strength

    Even though they are reasonably priced, Trellidor Burglar Guard does not lack in strength. They offer reliable window security because:
  • These burglar bars are semi-framed, which adds stability and strength.
  • They are fitted by experienced technicians using tamper-proof fixings, which increase the burglar guard’s ability to resist an attack.
  • Each burglar guard unit is made-to-measure so that it fits securely.
  1. Corrosion and UV resistant

    During the manufacturing process, Trellidor Burglar Guard components go through a process that protects them from corrosion and ensures they are UV resistant. This means that all the surfaces are protected from the damaging effects of sun, weathering, and corrosion.

    The result of this process is that these burglar guards last longer and in better condition than similar-looking window burglar guard designs.  So they not only look better for longer, but they are better value for money too.
  1. Custom-made

    Custom-made burglar guards provide better window security because they fit into the space better than any other type of design. The window is measured, and the burglar guard is made to those measurements. This means that it fits snugly, with no big gaps that burglars can use to lever the burglar guard out in order to get inside the home or office.

    Trellidor offer other customisations like a choice of three different designs. These are:
  • A single cross strengthening bar across the unit
  • A double cross strengthening bar
  • A flat strengthening bar

    All these designs can be either fitted horizontally or vertically, providing even more options from which to choose.

    Customers can choose to have their Burglar Guards fitted internally, externally, face-on or in the reveal. In terms of providing the best strength against an attack by home invaders, it is best to fit burglar proofing internally.

    This means that criminals have to first break through the window before attacking the burglar guards, creating a lot of noise, and attracting unwanted attention, which increases their risk of being apprehended.
  1. Colour range

    Burglar guards do not have to be white, although this is the most requested colour. Trellidor burglar guards can be powder coated in white, bronze, sand, light brown, aluminium, charcoal and black.

    Special colours are available on request, allowing customers to choose a shade best suited to their home decor colour palette or to a company’s corporate colours. Schools sometimes choose a different colour for each classroom, making them easily identifiable for the children.

See what Trellidor Burglar Guard looks like in actual windows:

Trellidor Burglar Guard flat bar provides excellent window security for this bedroom window. The burglar guards were powder coated in white to match the aluminium windows.

Trellidor Burglar Guard double cross burglar guard design works well in this bathroom because it provides easy access to the handle of the awning window.

Trellidor Burglar Guard single cross protects this laundry room window, whether the window is open or closed.

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