#TrellidorAnswers: What Should I Expect When Trellidor Professionals Come for an Assessment?

When Trellidor professionals come to your home to give you an assessment, they check your existing physical security; find out what your needs are; offer suggestions on products that meet those needs; and give you a quote on one or more Trellidor designs. The appointment booking process ensures that only certified Trellidor consultants arrive at your home, and they follow established Covid 19 protocols for everyone’s safety.

The question often asked is: ‘Why do I need a Trellidor professional to come for an assessment? I could just tell them what I want, and they can give me a quote.’

The answer is that every Trellidor product is custom-made for customers. The opening to be secured must be measured and assessed to make sure the security barrier fits perfectly once installed. A badly fitted barrier will give in easily to a hammering by a robber and is not safe.

The window or door space where the barrier will be fitted has to be checked because there may be factors to consider that will affect the price. For example, there may be no beam above a door to fix a security gate into.

Or the window reveal may be too narrow to fit Trellidor burglar bars into. This is often the case is newer homes. Sometimes the reveal is wide, but the window is inserted into the middle of the space, leaving little space for burglar bars and blinds. So the burglar bars or shutters will have to be designed to fit outside the window space.

The sales consultant will check the situation and find the solution or solutions that you need.

The process to set up a personal consultation is as follows:

  1. You contact your nearest Trellidor outlet and ask for a consultant to provide you with the security you need.
  2. An appointment is set up to suit your schedule. This is a safety feature so that you know who to expect and when.
  3. The sales consultant visits your home to find out what you are looking for.
  4. You may have a good idea of what your security requirements are. In this case, the consultant will give you a quote on your chosen product after measuring the opening you need secured.
  5. Or you may need help in making your home safer and choosing products. This is where the assessment comes in.
An image of a Trellidor consultant with a customer.

How a security assessment works

If you decide you need a home security assessment, the Trellidor professional will have a discussion with you on what you are looking for and advise you from there.

You may, for example, have decided that you need Trellidor gates in your passage to create a safe zone in your home. What you may not know is that there are many different kinds of gate from which you can choose.

These include:

  • Sliding steel gates.
  • Sliding aluminium gates.
  • Rolling shutters.
  • Clear Guard doors.

Part of the Trellidor assessment is to explain the differences between all these options so that you can make an informed choice.

The Trellidor sales consultant can help you design your safe zone because it needs more than just a gate in the passage or staircase. It requires window security too.

The consultant can offer you several alternatives for your safe zone windows, such as:

  • Trellidor louvre shutters, either Estate Shutters or Louvre Shutterss.
  • Trellidor roller shutters for the windows, which can be automated and remote controlled.
  • Trellidor burglar bars from a wide range of designs.

Full home security plan

Like many people, you may be starting from scratch with making sure your home is properly protected from home invaders. Perhaps a neighbour has been attacked or you’ve had a nasty incident in your own home.

In this case, the Trellidor professional consultant will work together with you to create a home security plan. It can be an expensive process if you’re starting with no physical security barriers whatsoever, so during the assessment the consultant can help you:

  • Decide which areas need to be protected immediately.
  • Plan which areas can wait until you have the funds.
  • Or you can choose to secure the whole home with the assistance of a finance plan offered to Trellidor customers.

Whatever the reason is that prompted you to call in a Trellidor consultant, it is important to know your budget in advance. This is so that the consultant can work within these limits when giving you advice and quotes. They will provide you with multiple quotes if there are several different products that you like.

Several Trellidor designs offer different models and prices. So if there is a shutter, gate, or burglar bar that you particularly like, they will be able to give you various price options.

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