What to Know About Door Sensors

Door sensors are an incredible way to protect your home, and they are also inexpensive and easy to install. Their primary function is detecting when doors open and close, and they will keep anyone from getting in or out without you knowing. This article will look at how these little devices work and the benefits.


How Does a Door Sensor Work?

The simplest way to describe how door sensors work is to let you know when someone has opened a door. These door sensors will connect to your WiFi through a hub, the little device you plug into your broadband router. Whenever your doors are opened or closed, you will be notified on your phone.

The most common type of door sensor is the contact sensor, and it uses a magnet to control a circuit which then triggers an alert or alarm. Contact sensors include two distinct parts, which are the reed switch and magnet. A reed switch includes two ferromagnetic blades inside a small glass capsule. In normal circumstances, a few microns would separate the blades from one another, which means the circuit is open, meaning electricity cannot flow freely through the switch. When a magnet is added to a reed switch, the two blades come together, closing the circuit and allowing the electricity to flow freely. The circuit is broken when the magnet is removed again.

When it comes to door sensors, in most instances, you will attach the reed switch to the door or door frame, and the magnet will be attached to the other side. You must ensure that you align them and that they are parallel to one another and close enough so that the magnet affects the reed switch. Whenever anyone opens the door, it will break the circuit, sending a signal to a control box. You have the option to set that signal to send you an alert to your phone whenever someone opens your door. There is also the option to set that signal to trigger an audible alarm that will frighten potential burglars away.

Door sensors also do not last forever, and the sensor may become damaged, wireless sensors may run out of batteries, and the switch may wear out. If your door sensor starts malfunctioning or setting off false alarms, ensure that you call your home security company so they can replace it immediately.


Door Sensor Benefits

Even if you have smart cameras installed in your home, you may not be notified when a burglary has happened as the camera will only record the images of the burglary, and you will see what happened later on. That is where door sensors would come in, as they would assist in improving the security of your home. When door sensors are used for their intended purposes, they can provide you with plenty of benefits, including the following.

1. Keep Criminals Away

After installing a door sensor, you will instantly be notified by your home security system whenever people trigger the armed sensors. Your service provider will also be informed when the door sensors are triggered if your home security system has a monitoring feature. Your service provider can then contact the authorities, and they can also check up on you through a phone call to ensure that you are safe.

2. Check up on Loved Ones

In most instances, door sensors do not merely to restrict access to bad people, but they can also be used to ensure that good people have access to your house. Door sensors enable you to keep an eye on anyone in the house. This can be useful when you have children or elders in your home, as the system would notify you anytime the doors are opened. Door sensors can prevent wanderings by adults with memory issues or toddlers and ensures that they do not go for a neighbourhood stroll when you are not paying attention.

3. Extra Deterrent

The main benefit of installing door sensors is crime deterrence. A loud alarm will be activated when your home security system is activated when someone forcibly tries to gain access to your property using the doors. That will then serve as a deterrence to criminals, and you would also receive an alert that a break-in is in progress. Suppose criminals also know that you have door sensors. In that case, they are less likely to target your home and move to another house because deactivating sensors is a time-consuming task and quite expensive. Criminals also do not want to risk triggering your home security system and being arrested before they can escape.

4. Peace of Mind

The most significant benefit of installing door sensors is the peace of mind you will have as you know that you have done everything to safeguard your home. You will be able to sleep better knowing that your family is well-protected at all times and that you can keep an eye even when you are not around.




Doors are the main points of entry where people will enter your home or office, and it is the first thing your visitors will see when entering any building. Therefore, your doors must be safe, secure and easy to use. You should consider installing door sensors as they will ensure that you keep your entrances secure, and you will gain more control over the doors of your home or office.



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