The Role of Motion Sensors in Home Security

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the safety and well-being of our family. Motion sensors are one of the greatest security measures that you can use as they can remove dark spaces that burglars can use as hiding areas. This article will look at why motion sensors are an investment that we should all make for our homes.

What is a Motion Sensor?

Motion sensors, also known as motion detectors, refer to special electronic devices that can detect movement in a specified range. Motion sensors can be installed in home and business security systems, making them perfect for personal security and convenience. Over the years, motion sensors have become much more advantageous as you can manage them with the help of smartphone apps which allows them to be activated remotely from any location. Motion sensor types include infrared, optical and radio wave motion detectors making them suitable for different situations.

How Does a Motion Sensor Work?

The three main types of motion sensors include active, passive infrared, and combined. They all work differently, and below we will explain how they operate.

  1. Active Sensor

    Active sensors have a mechanism that emits waves or signals across an area where it is set up. Once the monitor senses interruption in the wave’s response time, it then activates an alarm. The waves detect movement and can respond quickly. The only issue with this is that it is sensitive; therefore, you should adjust the range so that it is not triggered each time it detects small movements, such as when branches move because of the wind.
  1. Passive Infrared Sensor

    Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) look at the infrared heat levels being emitted and are used to detect and sense motion. When PIR motion sensors detect an object or people outside or inside the range, they will be triggered. PIR sensors are also cheaper than active sensors, and they use a lot less power. PIR sensors are usually used in office spaces and restrooms.
  1. Combined Sensor

    Combined sensors are also referred to as dual technology sensors, and they make use of multiple types of motion-sensing technology to reduce false alarms. For the alarm to be activated, all the types of sensors need to be tripped. Combined sensors are known to give false alarms from time.

Motion Sensor Benefits

Motion sensors offer plenty of benefits to those who choose to install them. Below are some benefits that you can achieve by having them.

  1. Better home security

    Not only do lights increase your home’s beauty, but the use of motion sensors dramatically improves your home’s security. Burglars and criminals will usually target your home when they think that you are away or that you are asleep. They do this because they do not want to be seen when they break into your home because they know that either you or the neighbours will call the police.

    Therefore, motion sensors can deter burglars that are trying to enter your home with the use of floodlights, as these lights will automatically switch on when someone is too close to them. Motion sensors can be set up to sound alarms whenever the lights are triggered at the wrong hours. Statistics also add that homes that have motion sensors tend to have lower crime rates than those that do not have this kind of lighting.
  1. Improved Safety

    Motion sensors do not only offer protection from burglars and criminals but also against wandering animals. In some areas, there could be a threat of wildlife that exists for you and your family. If these animals had to gain access to your property, the lighting that would appear from motion sensors would scare them away. Motion sensors can also assist you in reducing the chances of injuries occurring as they would illuminate your path when walking.
  1. Greater convenience

    There are times when you come home when it is dark, and you must walk to your house with a car filled with groceries. Motion sensors can automatically switch on from the moment you park into your driveway, making them convenient so you won’t have to park your car close to the garage.
  1. Energy savings

    The most significant benefit that motion sensors come with is the gift of energy savings. Motion sensors are only switched on when they detect movement, and they switch off after short a period. This means that you won’t have to leave your exterior lights on all day which will significantly reduce the amount of energy that you consume in your household.
  1. Reduces costs

    The fact that you do not need to keep your exterior and outdoor lights on all day significantly reduces the energy you consume, leading to saving costs. Less energy consumption means that your energy bill will not be as high at the end of the month.

    Motion sensors are also cheap to install, and they do not require maintenance once installed. They also have a long lifespan, and they are durable, which makes them a significant investment. Motion sensors ensure that you enjoy better security, safety and convenience at a lower price.


Motion sensors are one of the greatest investments that you can make towards your home’s security. They significantly improve your home’s security and safety and will offer protection, even when you are not around, which dramatically reduces crime.

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