Security Checklist Items to Check Off When Buying Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing your guests will see, and you must make a great first impression. Your front door is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it can be the greatest investment you will make as it will play a role in the safety and security of your home. We will compile a security checklist to ensure that your front door is as safe as possible.


What to Look out for When Buying a Front Door Security

Home front doors are often referred to as door systems, as when you buy the door, you do not only buy the door, but you also purchase the frame and locking mechanism. You can choose from several different options, making it difficult to choose the safest option. Here are some things that you will need to consider when choosing a new front door for your home.

1. Material

An essential thing you should look out for when buying a front door is the door’s materials. It is mainly the surface material that will affect the door’s appearance, security, durability and price. Most doors combine several materials; for example, most fibreglass and steel doors include wood frames. Wood doors are incredibly versatile and common. They also come in two varieties: solid wood or wood layered over insulation core. Wood is regarded as more robust than fibreglass; however, it is most impacted by the weather and temperature, so you should reinforce your wood door with metal plating.

Fibreglass doors are an excellent option for harsh climates that impact the door as they do not warp or lose temperature like some other doors; however, they are the weakest material for front doors. They are better suited for entryways. On the other hand, steel doors are the most secure and durable doors as they are not affected by the temperature, and they won’t warp or crack. Steel doors also do not require extra reinforcement and are the most secure option for front doors.


2. Locking System

All door locks are not the same as they all serve different purposes. Deadbolt door locks are the most secure key lock type and are often used on a home’s exterior door. Deadbolt door locks are available in single or double-cylinder styles. It is important to note that deadbolts are only as secure as the material that they are installed as a strong deadbolt can easily be kicked in if the wood that holds the locking mechanism and bolt is weak. You can strengthen deadbolt locks using a solid metal strike plate, as this prevents the wood from being forced out around the bolt. Deadbolt locks can be installed as front door handles.

Multi-point locks are fitted into the door’s body and then locked into the frame. When the lock is engaged, multiple bolts will engage into the door’s frame. These door locks are typically found on entrance doors and are usually fitted into timber and aluminium doors. They include many locking points, making it challenging to force the door open. However, if you don’t know how to operate the locking system, you may be unable to lock the door properly.

Deadlatches are locked and unlocked from both sides when a key is inserted in a rim cylinder. A rim automatic deadlatch or night latch is a lock fitted with the key locking cylinder to insert the key to open the door located on the outside of the door. These door locks are easy to use, and they lock automatically once shutting. However, they might require an additional lock to your door to improve security.


3. Security Hinges

A door’s hinge will play a vital role in home security, and many can overlook it. A security door hinge is mechanical hardware which contains two movable parts that rotate around a fixed central piece. For the door hinge to work correctly, one side is screwed to the door frame and the other side on the door. There are three main door hinges: set screw system, fast-riveted type, and safety studs. The kind of door joints you will choose will largely depend on the level of security that you are looking for.

For example, mortise hinges are suitable for all kinds of doors, but to use this security hinge, you will need to mortise it to the wooden frame before use. Security butt hinges can prevent thieves from unscrewing the hinge and are perfect for exterior door installation. Once you close it, the hinge’s two sides will interlock, meaning that no one can take the door of the frame even if they were to remove the frame. Continuous hinges are one-meter-long; however, you can choose a smaller size for your door. If you have a lightweight door, this is the best option for you as its length offers additional support to the door, but it cannot withstand heavy impact.


4. Frame Strength

When buying a door, ensure that the frames are installed correctly and with solid materials, as this is just as crucial as the type of door and materials, you will choose. A weak frame is not only a security hazard, but it will also lead to the door deteriorating faster, loosening at the hinges and causing your door to stop doing what it is meant to do. When choosing an exterior frame, go for solid, long-lasting wood such as white oak, as it will maintain its appearance for longer and withstand a lot of punishment. Wood is also easy to paint, which gives it greater flexibility. You can also consider investing in a steel frame as it will add greater security to your front door.


5. Door Handles

Door handles can be the weakest part of the door, and burglars can use several methods to exploit this weakness. Therefore, when choosing a door handle, ensure that it has a solid-cast metal body secured with hardened metal bolts, protecting the handle against brute force. Opt for a cylinder guard as it covers the handle and makes it more resistant to lock snapping. A door handle should also have a rotating cylinder shield that protects the barrel against lock drilling and a chamfered backplate to prevent thieves from using mole-grips or clamps to detach the handle from the door.



Additionally, Shut the Front Door With Roller Shutters.

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