Shut The Front Door With Roller Shutter Gates

Rollershutters make great front door security, particularly when they’re user-friendly aluminium ones. The Trellidor Rollerstyle range is custom-made to suit your front door, no matter what size or shape. Take a look at three pretty installations we’ve done around the country to see for yourself.


Rollershutters are ideal when space is limited

Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutter gates are a practical solution for tight front entrances or average sized front doors. They are real space-savers because they roll up into a compact overhead shutter box, completely out of the way and out of sight.

Roller shutter gates do not need a bottom track, so nothing to trip over accidently or take up floor space. The side tracks in the doorway are narrow, neatly fitted and hardly noticeable.

An image of roller shutters securing the front door.


Roller shutter gates perfect for large designer doors

Front doors designed to make an impact can be difficult to protect due to their size. Or they may fancy features that have to be taken into account, such as multiple glass panels and over-sized door handles.

Rollershutters are the solution because they can be manufactured to the unique specifications of each opening, accommodating all of these characteristics.

Look at the picture of the large glass and wood front door. It is secured by a custom-made Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter.

The shutter box in this installation was recessed into a hidden cavity above the door. The side tracks are neatly recessed into the wall.

The result is a seamless, uncluttered security gate that ‘disappears’ when you want to open up the house.

When the family needs protection, the shutter is activated at the homeowner’s Smart Home central control system and rolled down to keep everyone safe inside.

An image of rollershutters.


The benefits of aluminium roller shutter gates for any size door are:

  • Closed rollershutters lock down the front door when you close up for the night, keeping you safe inside.
  • The shutter blocks out intruders when you go out, leaving the house unoccupied and vulnerable to a break-in.
  • Roller shutter gates can be used to block out unpleasant weather without having to close the front door itself.
  • The roller shutters can be automated and remote controlled, making them incredibly easy to use.


An image of rollershutters covering front door.


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