Secure Your Outdoor Entertainment Area with These 6 Tips This Spring

Springtime is a lovely season; people enjoy being outdoors and having those braais and other entertaining activities. It is everyone’s dream to have an outdoor entertainment area where they can create those memorable times with family and friends that money cannot buy. It is, therefore, crucial to protect your entertainment area from criminals because they would also want to have a share of your belongings. Continue reading to learn more about protecting your outdoor spaces.

People often pay attention and allocate resources to have security at the entry points or inside their homes, forgetting the backyard. The backyard is also essential and is usually used as an entertainment area with patios or shades.


The following security tips can help ensure that your outdoor entertainment area is not an easy target for criminals.

1. Install Outdoor Security Cameras

To ensure the safety of  your outdoor space’s security, consider investing in outdoor security cameras. These security cameras can provide reliable protection and can be the greatest asset to protect your outdoor possessions from thieves. Not only will you be able to monitor your property, but you can also catch thieves on camera and report them to the authorities in case a crime is committed.

Most criminals are not professionals; they are just opportunists. Some cannot even differentiate between a fake and a real security camera. Therefore, the mere presence of a camera will be enough to deter these criminals.

2. Always Lock Up

Unlocked outdoor spaces appeal to criminals, so if you want to deter them, consider locking up the space. People often forget to lock up when they leave their premises, giving criminals easy entry to their homes. The same applies to the entertainment areas, such as patios; they should be locked and secured with padlocks.

In most instances, criminals or thieves do not plan the break-ins but will instead go around looking for easy targets. So by not locking up, you are inviting them to enter your property. Develop a tendency to lock up even when going for a walk, as you never know when these thieves might pounce.

3. Install Motion Sensor Lighting

One thing thieves want is the ability to operate in dark or poorly lit areas, for they always want to avoid being noticed. Installing motion sensors at the entrance of your entertainment area or backyard will keep that whole area well-lit. The motion sensor lights are pretty affordable, and they not only provide safety but they also provide extra lighting, which is needed. A motion sensor light is a device that can detect physical movement, it is activated by motion, and when movement is detected, it triggers the sensor. The light will automatically turn on in reaction to the movement.

4. Install an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system on your patio or shade can protect it from criminals intending to rob you. By installing an alarm system, you can monitor what is happening around this area. Alarms create excessive noise, and such noise will likely cause criminals to reconsider their decision. The presence of an alarm system is a deterrent to any theft.

Remember always to keep wires secured and concealed. You can also install wireless alarm systems, as criminals cannot cut them off and disarm the system. When looking for an alarm system, it is recommended that you use an alarm monitoring service. The good thing about an alarm monitoring service is that it can be controlled and monitored remotely via your smartphone, tablet or PC, and a centralised system will provide 24/7 surveillance.

5. Pay Attention to Landscaping

When planting trees around your home, you should consider their advantages and disadvantages. Trees can improve the area’s aesthetic value, but at the same time, they can serve as a hiding spot for criminals. Always trim your shrubs and consider growing roses around your entertainment area windows as they are thorny and picky, as this would deter thieves. Always keep your outdoor entertainment area and yard clean, giving you a clear view of your outdoor space.

6. Utilize Indoor Storage

As a precautionary measure, you can always store your outdoor furniture or other items indoors or in the garage when not in use. This will eliminate the risk of your outdoor goods falling prey to thieves and damage due to unfavourable weather conditions.




The ideal time for your family to make unforgettable memories is when you spend time outside with your children. To ensure that every moment you spend in your outdoor space is beautiful, you need to keep the area safe. With the security tips offered above, you will ensure that your outdoor entertainment space is safe, even when you are not around, giving you better peace of mind.



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