Leading Home Security Maintenance Checklist for Your Spring

Whenever spring approaches, we will likely prepare for the warmer weather with some spring cleaning. We will probably dust and clean things in the house as our homes become dirtier in winter from the stains caused by environmental and climate elements. However, most of us might not know that this is the perfect time to ensure that our homes are safe and secure.

Taking the time to look at ways you can improve your home’s security can assist you in preventing significant issues from occurring in the future. It might not matter if you have a security system if you are unable to maintain it, as it means it will not be able to work correctly. Fortunately, this article will cover a home security checklist you can use this spring.


Check Your Locks

Statistics indicate that burglars typically use the entry door to enter your home as they twist the front doorknob and walk into it. Therefore, to stop this from happening, you should go to the exterior doors of your house and inspect the locks. You will want to ensure that all the exterior doors have a deadbolt. You should also jiggle the doorknobs to ensure they are not loose.

During door inspections, if you detect any issues with the locks, you are to call a locksmith and have them replaced. You should also secure the glass sliding doors of your home as it is easy for burglars to break them. Consider a secondary lock for sliding doors, as they will prevent these doors from being forced open.


Check Your Windows

When looking for vulnerabilities in your security system, you should also look at your windows and doors. After checking that all the door locks to exterior doors are in good condition, you should conduct tests to check the safety of your windows. You can do this by locking all windows and ensuring that it is not easy to force them open. During these tests, if you detect any issues, you can buy secondary bolts that you can install to improve the safety of your windows. It is also vital that you test all the windows on all floors of your home. Though burglars usually use the first-floor windows, they will look for ways to access the windows on higher floors if they cannot access them. Your goal should be to make it challenging to use any windows to gain access into your home.


Video Doorbells

Many front doors come equipped with a peephole; however, these also have some limitations. The inability to see who is at the front is a significant security concern. Being unable to see who is at the door or identify someone may make it easier for potential burglars to gain entry to your home.

A modern tech option like a video doorbell camera is best for your home. These doorbell cameras enable you to monitor your front door 24/7. They can also record HD video footage when someone approaches the door, and you can view the video footage in real-time, allowing you to verify who is there. Video doorbell cameras also include two-way audio systems that enable you to talk to whoever is on the other side.


Inspect Your Security System

A security system is the best way to assist you in protecting your home against criminals. If you already have one, you should take the time to inspect it each year. Most alarm panels have a testing feature that allows you to test the system and ensure that all the home security system components are working correctly. If your home security system includes security cameras, you should also inspect and ensure they are aimed at the right place. You should ensure that all their components have a good battery with wireless security systems.


Consider Security System Upgrades

Smart systems enable enhanced security and a full range of features. When inspecting and testing your home security system and its features, you can also consider having some additional features. Some features you can add include upgrading to newer HD cameras, installing smart locks, adding a motion detector or upgrading to smart alarm systems. You can contact your security provider if you are unsure what to add. A consultation with your security provider will enable them to develop the best security plan for your home.


Assess Your Home’s Exterior

During your spring home security maintenance check-up, you should walk outside your home. Firstly, go on the street and check to see if your front door and windows are visible. If bushes or shrubs are obscuring the view of your windows or doors, you should consider trimming them.

While walking around your home, check for areas with poor lighting at night. Any dark spots can serve as an invitation to criminals. Therefore, consider installing exterior lights if you find places with poor lighting. Motion lights are also highly beneficial if you want to boost the safety of your home.


Spare Key Management

If you leave your spare keys out, you should be extremely cautious. Criminals know the common areas where people usually hide their spare keys, so they know where to look. Therefore, regardless of the intelligent areas where you think you can hide your spare keys, criminals will know to check there. Consider investing in a smart lock keyless entry system as it ensures that your spare keys do not land in the hands of potential burglars. Smart locks provide keyless entry that allows you to lock or unlock doors anytime using your smartphone.



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