Renters’ Edition- 5 Security Proofing Items to do After Moving In

When you move into your new place as a renter and want to ensure that your home is safe and secure, you know you have minimal options. However, this should not keep you from implementing any security measures as they are easy measures you can adopt to keep yourself safe. We will assist you in security proofing your rented apartment to get the best security possible.

Most people tend to be reluctant about improving home security when it is a rental. There are two main reasons for this; the first is that they feel it is the landlord’s responsibility. The second reason is that they are unsure about how long they will live on the premises, so they do not want to invest too much in better home security. However, burglars are not concerned about these personal reasons since they are simply looking for any opportunity to make some quick cash by committing theft. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you and your possessions are well-protected, you need to take your security into your own hands.


Security proofing your rental does not have to be a challenging process, and below, we will offer some methods you can adopt.

Secure the Windows and Doors

Sliding glass doors can prove to be a security weakness unless you put in the effort to ensure that you secure them. The best way to ensure that sliding glass doors are adequately protected is by adding a security bar. Security bars are a perfect security measure as they are easy to install and inexpensive.

You can also invest in a glass break alarm as it will sound if an intruder tries to enter by breaking the glass. Glass break alarms are wireless devices you can link to your wireless home security system, which can be self-monitored.

Though doors can become a security weakness, they are not the only entrance that needs to be secured. Your windows must be just as secure. If the glass windows in your apartments are not reinforced, then you should consider reinforcing them with glass protectors, tinted protectors for privacy and safety locks. Securing your windows is even more critical if you live on the ground floor, as the windows tend to be easier to breach.

Invest in a Security Camera

The most effective method you could adopt to secure your rental is to install a security camera. Security cameras serve as an effective crime deterrent as they signal intruders that they are being watched. If someone were to break in, then the cameras would record footage of the crime that can be used to identify and find the perpetrators.

Renters tend to neglect to install security cameras due to the perceived costs and the hassle of doing so. Thankfully, cameras are inexpensive and simple to install these days, making them ideal for renters. There are different types of security cameras that you can choose from, and that will leave little to no evidence that they were installed. These cameras can be programmed to allow you to view footage from your smartphone or tablet remotely. You may incur some ongoing costs per month to store the footage that the cameras record in the cloud, but you have the option to free live stream only.


Invest in a Wireless Security System

Like with security cameras, renters may be reluctant to install security systems as they do not know how long they will live at their rental. There might also be a false belief that they do not require a security system, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wireless security systems are an ideal solution for all these problems.

Wireless home security systems are portable, so you can install one and take it with you when you want to move. Wireless security systems and their devices can be installed using small screws with minimal holes or adhesive for items like window or door sensors. This can be beneficial as this ensures that you receive your rental deposit when you want to move out.


Get Renter’s Contents Insurance

Renter’s content insurance provides cover for items such as electronics, furniture, clothing, etc., ensuring you have better peace of mind. The insurance does not only protect your possessions from burglaries but other scenarios such as water and smoke damage. Renter’s contents insurance may not be able to prevent a break-in from occurring, but it will ensure that you will be reimbursed for the losses you will incur if a break-in occurs.

Ensure that you take the time to read the terms and conditions of the insurance to ensure that you understand the process of recovering your possessions. You should also opt for an insurance plan that will cover all your possessions. Go online and check feedback on the service provider, as this will ensure that you receive unbiased reviews.


Invest in a Safe

If you know you do not spend too much time in your apartment, you should consider keeping your items in a safe. Whenever we have guests and visitors, they may notice the expensive possessions and report them to burglars. When you have people over, it is recommended that you hide your expensive belongings in a safe. Items you should store in a safe include jewellery, cash, and essential documents.

When choosing the safe for your home, invest in a safe that has a built-in alarm. Ensure that the safe is not in plain sight. Your valuable belongings should not be visible to guests and should instead be stored in your safe.





Moving into a new apartment can be a frightening experience if you do not have the right security measures in place. However, it is not impossible to improve the security of your apartment as some security-proofing items are safe for rented apartments. By following the suggestions above, you will significantly improve the safety of your apartment and have better peace of mind.




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