Renters’ Edition – 5 Security Proofing Items to do Before Moving In

Renting a home offers plenty of benefits as you have the luxury of packing up your items and moving on at very short notice. However, renting also has a downside as people who rent are more likely to become victims of a break-in. Thankfully there are security proofing items that you could invest in before you move in so that your home becomes safer.

When looking to upgrade your home security, this could prove challenging as a tenant. However, though it is challenging, it does not mean that it is impossible as some good security upgrades options are available for tenants that will make them feel safer. Below are some security proofing items that you can do before moving in.


  1. Secure The Entrance

    The greatest security vulnerability of any home is the entrance door, and securing the entrance is the easiest way to protect your new place from break-ins. When it comes to renting, there is a risk that the previous tenant might let themselves into your place using the old key if they did not return it when they moved. Securing the entrance of your new place is easy as you can install additional chain locks or remote unlocking mechanisms that lead to added front door security. When installing additional locks to your new home, you must gain permission from your landlord before making any changes. Ensure that your glass sliding doors to the balcony are also secured with a security bar as these doors allow easier access as they are inherently weak.  


  1. Secure The Windows

    The entrance of your new place is not the only security vulnerability, but windows are also other areas that potential burglars could use to gain access to your place. Therefore, to ensure that you eliminate the chances of break-ins occurring and improve your home’s safety, you should ensure that each window has a proper window lock as these locks are secure and easy to use. You should also invest in good blinds or drapes as they prevent potential burglars from seeing the possessions in your home, like electronics such as your laptop. Securing your windows is especially important if you live on the ground floor as you will need to take greater precautions as it is easier to breach into these apartments.


  1. Ensure The Garage is Protected

    If your new place includes a separate garage, you must keep your vehicle and the belongings in your garage safe while they are in the garage. Firstly, you should invest in a garage door safety sensor that can detect any break-in into your garage. Ensure that you also invest in additional locks that will protect your garage from the outside and inside. You can also consider installing security cameras inside the garage to monitor any unusual activity that might occur.


  1. Install an alarm or a security system

    In today’s wireless world, security systems do not need to be wired into the walls of a home. As a tenant, there is the option to get a monitoring system that enables you to monitor the activity occurring at your new place, and you can also transport your security system with you to your next home. If the idea of a security system seems to be too much of a commitment for you, then you can choose to invest in an alarm system that alerts you when there are intruders. These devices and systems can also be controlled from your smartphone for greater ease and access. You can also ask the security company to provide you with stickers to alert potential intruders that your home is under surveillance.


  1. Invest in a safe

    If you know that you spend most of their time away from their apartment, you must consider keeping your belongings in a safe. In most instances, the visitors will notice any expensive belongings you have in your place, and they might report the possessions that they see to burglars. Though it is better to have your safe secured, an unmounted safe is still very effective as it makes it challenging for burglars to get a hold of your valuables. It is recommended that you invest in heavy safes as they are difficult to carry and move around. The things that you should store in a safe include jewellery, cash and important documents that you own.




Moving into a new apartment when you are renting can be an intimidating experience if the place does not have the proper security measures in place. One of the ways you can increase your new place’s safety is by considering using security proofing items before you move in.


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