Frequently Asked Questions About Poly Guard & Their Answers


What are poly guard bars?

Poly Guard burglar bars are clear burglar bars made from Polycarbonate thermoplastic strips. What sets the Trellidor brand apart from similar products is that it is custom-made with a sturdy four-sided frame to give it stability and strength and has additional strengthening features. 

These burglar guards are popular because they are see-through and hardly noticeable. They are mainly installed to stop monkeys and baboons from getting inside homes and causing destruction. In certain locations poly guard bars are also useful in creating a home that is protected from a break-in.


What are clear burglar bars made of?

Clear burglar bars are made from Polycarbonate thermoplastic which is heated to high temperatures and then moulded and shaped before being left to cool and harden. It is a specially formulated, engineering grade thermoplastic with high impact resistance and is nothing like the plastic used for everyday items in a kitchen. 

The clear burglar bars made by Trellidor consist of strips of Polycarbonate thermoplastic framed on all sides with an extruded aluminium edging. The thermoplastic strips are UV resistant, lightweight, and see-through and these features make them popular as burglar bars. Trellidor Poly Guard is fitted using tamper-proof fixings as an added protection measure.


Are clear burglar bars safe? 

Whether clear burglar bars are considered safe or not depends on expectations. If they are to be used to keep monkeys and baboons out of homes, then they are the ideal barrier to use on windows. If they are to be installed in a home in an enclosed community with other security measures, then they will provide a good deterrent to thieves. 

Polycarbonate burglar bars are not recommended for high crime risk locations, especially if they are expected to be the primary protection method in this type of area.

In the right location, clear burglar bars are a good solution to creating a safer home. They have a high impact resistance; they do not chip or crack easily; they are highly resistant to UV light; and they do not deteriorate, discolour, or warp easily. 



How to install clear burglar bars

Clear burglar bars purchased from a hardware store are usually simply fixed into the window frame, one Polycarbonate strip at a time. They are generally not sold with any sort of guarantee. In contrast, Trellidor Poly Guard units are made-to-measure and installed by an experienced technician, using specialised tools. They are not a do-it-yourself product and can only be bought from an authorised Trellidor outlet. Each installation comes with a warranty on materials, giving homeowners peace of mind that there will be reliable after-sales service.


How do I clean clear burglar bars?

Clear Poly Guard burglar bars can easily be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth and a premium quality (salt free) car wash liquid, mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s directions. Hard to reach areas should be cleaned with a soft nylon bristle brush like a dishwashing brush. Dry the unit with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.

Never use abrasive detergents or soapy water. Detergent or solvent based cleaners such as scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, washing powders and thinners could reduce the expected life of the product. Never use abrasive materials to wipe down or clean the Polycarbonate slats.


Can you burn clear burglar bars?

Burning clear burglar bars is not an effective way of trying to break into a home. Polycarbonate thermoplastic is stable under intense temperatures of up to 140°C. At this extreme temperature, it melts but does not sustain the flame and does not burn or break. It just softens and remoulds itself.

This melting property means that many grades of Polycarbonate thermoplastic have a high fire rating because they do not aid the spread of a fire, and most do not give off any fumes. These are the properties that make it popular as a building material in areas where health and safety regulations for building are strictly enforced.


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