6 Ways to Feel Safe When Living Alone

For those who live alone, there is never a shortage of home safety advice. This is not done intentionally to incite paranoia in anyone. By providing sound advice on home and personal security, we hope to empower people. We urge you to read the following advice for persons who live alone because, regrettably, single people can occasionally be extremely particular crime targets. 

Of course, a multi-layered home security system is one of the most crucial safety precautions you can take advantage of. A security alarm, a camera system, warning signs, and exterior illumination are part of this system. These gadgets can be wired or wireless, need little maintenance, and can even be used by renters.


People who live alone should think about other security precautions in addition to employing these tools and devices, such as: 

You Shouldn’t Let People Know You Live Alone 

Making it appear as though other people reside with you is one simple approach to repel possible burglars. If you reside on the ground floor, keep your curtains drawn and your property well-lit. Another fantastic technique to appear to be with others is to frequently invite friends and family around. 

Even if you frequently have guests over, be careful not to promote your living status on social media and wait to post about being out until you have returned home. Criminals frequently utilise social media to locate potential victims and plan their attacks. When you can, try to prevent crime by being careful about what you put online.


Conduct a security check of your home

Verify that all of your window and door locks are in working order and that all of your exterior doors have deadbolts. Any external light bulbs that are burnt out should be replaced. Think like a burglar if you can. Where would you attempt a break-in if necessary? How can you prevent it?

Consider installing locks on your gates, growing prickly plants beneath easily accessible windows, and replacing your old screen doors with metal security ones. Install sensors at your windows, doors, and outdoor structures like garages. And don’t forget about the interior of your home. Install an entry sensor on the door so you can detect door openings.


Set up your phone’s SOS emergency feature

Your phone is always with you and could save your life. Be ready by turning on the SOS emergency feature on your phone. When activated, it will contact emergency services and send updates and notifications to the personal emergency contacts you’ve selected. Learn how to set up this necessary smartphone safety net here:

Set up your iPhone with emergency contacts.

  • Open the Health app and select Medical ID from your profile picture.
  • Scroll down to Emergency Contacts after selecting Edit.
  • Select a contact by tapping the Add emergency contact icon. 
  • Include their relationship.
  • To commit your changes, click Done.

Making an emergency service call

  • Once the Emergency SOS slider appears, press the side button and one of the volume buttons.
  • Drag the slider to contact emergency services.
  • Holding the side and volume buttons still will automatically contact emergency services.

Set up your Android phone’s SOS and emergency contacts.

  • Activate the Safety app.
  • Go to your Google Account and log in.
  • Select Settings.
  • To add details like blood type, allergies, or medications, select medical information. Then, tap the item in the list you wish to alter.
  • Select the existing contact you want to add by tapping Emergency contacts, Add contact, and then.

You now need to enable the SOS feature on your Android:

  • Now Select emergencies SOS from the Safety & emergencies menu.
  • Use Emergency SOS is activated.
  • To play a loud sound when Emergency SOS begins, toggle on the Play alarm sound.
  • Choose which emergency responses should be prompted by Emergency SOS. Activate the desired actions: Call the emergency services and inform your connections.

Making an emergency service call

  • For five or more times press the Power button. Before the start of emergency measures, there is a five-second countdown. Swipe Cancel to the right during the countdown to end Emergency SOS.
  • Depending on your settings, emergency actions begin after the five-second countdown.

Buy a surveillance camera

A security camera is the best way to instantly have another pair of eyes watching over you and your house. These allow you to keep an eye on things while you’re away from home and can make potential burglars think twice before breaking into your home.

Thanks to footage from security cameras, criminals are apprehended more frequently. The excellent news is that security cameras are available for almost any demand and price range.

It’s like having your security crew on duty around-the-clock without the burden of a roommate if your cameras are part of a monitored security system.


Carry a panic button 

It is invaluable to be able to call for assistance right away. Happy to say, wireless panic buttons are also reasonably priced. These innovative gadgets can be worn on your person while at home and don’t need extensive installation instructions. They can also be positioned in key areas of your home so you can call for assistance whenever you need it by simply pressing a button, day or night. 


Secure windows and doors 

Door locks should always be kept in place, but you might not be aware that some locks can be pushed, giving burglars free entry to a house. Also, fairly simple to open are weak window locks. 

In light of this, individuals who live alone should either install locks that are impenetrable or spend money on items like the anti-lock bumping mechanism, which prevents locks from being bumped. Additionally, you need to secure every window frame in your house with pin locks. Even when would-be intruders tamper with them, these locks can stop windows from sliding open. 




We are aware that you appreciate living alone, and we want to make sure your home is safe and secure so you can enjoy every moment. Don’t entrust your health to chance. Create the ideal personal security strategy for your scenario if you are living alone by using the resources listed in this article.

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