6 Leading Home Burglary Deterrents

Home burglaries are among the highest crime categories across the country and in every province. When a burglar invades your home and privacy, it can leave you feeling vulnerable, and it may also take a long time to recover financially and emotionally. We have created a list of some of the best deterrents for burglaries so that your home is secure.

Home burglaries are an unfortunate reality that South Africans have to deal with. The number of reported home burglaries might be high. Still, most home burglary incidents go unreported as the victims believe it would not serve any purpose, so the actual number of home burglaries is not reflected in the country’s crime statistics. Becoming a victim of a home burglary can have significant financial implications and is also incredibly traumatic. Luckily, there are security measures you can take to avoid home burglaries, and the following deterrents can be effective in doing that.

1. Home security cameras

The best crime deterrence is the presence of a home security camera, as it would scare away potential burglars. Security cameras can be mounted around the exterior of your home to prevent criminals from gaining access to your home.

The presence of security cameras will also make it look like it would be risky to break into your home, which is why burglars tend to target homes without outdoor security cameras. The chances of criminals being caught, identified and convicted are significantly higher when there is a security camera.

When investing in outdoor security cameras, you should opt for those with night vision around your home. Your security cameras should also be mounted in areas people frequently pass through before approaching your home. This ensures that there is no other path for a potential burglar to use without being detected by the security camera.


2. Outdoor lighting

Your best bet on deterring criminals is lighting, especially at night. Well-lit areas are unappealing to criminals, making it easier to spot them. Motion sensor lights are the perfect lights as they will startle burglars that are approaching your home. When the bright light suddenly comes on, it will surprise whoever is approaching your house. This light would throw the burglars off their plan, leaving them no other option but to leave your property.

Whenever motion sensor lights come on outside your home, they will signal you to check your security cameras. The light will also give you a clearer view of the person approaching your house. Motion lighting should always be positioned near your home so they will be unable to approach it when it is dark.


3. Smart video doorbell cameras

Most criminals will gain access to your home using the front door as it is less suspicious than creeping around the side of your property. To protect your home, use the latest smart video doorbell cameras, as they will allow you to monitor the people who approach your front door with the help of your smartphone.

Some apps will alert you when someone has approached your door as they use facial recognition and motion detection. This will allow you to watch the wide-field view of what they are doing. If a burglar were to try breaking in using your front door, you could record this and some doorbell cameras will enable you to speak to them.


4. A home security system

If you want to prioritise the safety of your home, then installing a home security system should be something you seriously consider. Homes that do not have a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into than those with them.

Security systems can be incorporated with security lights, alarm systems, and cameras. This enables you to monitor your home’s entire security system on one channel. Security systems also enable remote monitoring, and you can pay a security company to watch your home’s security at all times of the day.


5. Smart locks

Smart locks are an excellent investment you can make for your home as you can use them to keep your home secure. These locks work like the standard door locks; however, they enable you to monitor your home remotely with smart devices. This means that you can see the activity occurring on your property from your smartphone or computer. Smart locks can also lock the door if you have forgotten to do so. You can also fit smart locks to your security system, and the locks would activate when someone forces entry, which would be enough to scare away potential burglars.


6. Secure garage doors

One of the most vulnerable and overlooked spots in your home is your garage which is why you should give it extra care and attention. Commonly, homeowners focus most of their attention on the main entrances and exits of their homes. However, burglars are constantly looking for weak points they can exploit which is where garages come in.

Garages are significantly more straightforward to break into than front doors with deadbolt locks. If your garage is connected to your house, this may give burglars easy and quick access to your home. Therefore, you should invest in garage door security.



Personal safety is a priority in South Africa, and securing your home against burglaries should be at the top of your list. The suggestions above will assist in decreasing the chances of your home being targeted by burglars. It is also crucial to stay vigilant and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.



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