Are Dogs a Successful Burglary Deterrent?

Our dogs are not only beloved companions, but most people also know them to be an excellent defence for your family and home. However, the real question is, do dogs assist in preventing burglaries from occurring? We will look at the role that dogs can play in keeping your home safe.

Some people will get a dog with the assumption that it will guard their home and keep it safe. But is it a fact, or is it nothing more than a myth? Well, the answer to this is yes and no, and we will explain why that is.

Dogs can deter (some) burglars

Dogs can deter burglars because they are the first line of defence when they want to break in. In a survey conducted, burglars stated that they were more likely to avoid houses that have loud and large dogs. The reason why noisy dogs can deter burglars is because of how opportunistic burglars are. Not all burglaries will include cutting alarm wires or picking locks, as this requires a lot of sophistication and skill. Instead, most burglars are looking for the easiest and least messy job they can conduct. Loud dogs get in the way of them conducting the burglary as they would create a stir through their barking, which would discourage them as it would not be worth the effort or time.

How to choose a good guard dog

It is important to note that the type of dog that you have will either decrease or increase the effectiveness that it will play in deterring crime. There are mainly two types of dogs for preventing crime; a regular dog and an actual guard dog. A normal dog is protective, but it will also bark at everything, whether an outsider on your front lawn or a blowing leaf. A guard dog is trained to let the owner know whenever there is unusual activity occurring on the property, such as there being a stranger on the front lawn.

A guard dog is most effective for deterring burglaries as it makes a noise that will effectively chase away the threat. The dog can also attack or restrain people or animals if the noise they are creating does not ward off the threat.

It is possible to train regular dogs to become guard dogs, and you can do this with the help of a training expert that has the right tools to equip your dog with the necessary skills to protect you and your home. When training dogs, you must use positive reinforcement rather than punitive training, such as choke chains and electric collars.

Some breeds of dogs can be better guard dogs. Though smaller dogs tend to be louder, they are however not physically imposing. Therefore, using dogs with larger statures might be better, especially when you combine that with their instinct and training; they will become more loyal and defensive. Shepherd breeds tend to be more protective, and they will be alert you of intruders as they are trained to control and defend. Though these dogs do not make a lot of noise, they will impose force if a burglar were to try to break in. Smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas can also receive training to be socialised, not to be as aggressive from a young age.  

Combine a guard dog with a security system

Though guard dogs can be effective deterrents to burglaries, it is recommended that you also install a security measure to make it easier for your dogs. There is also the possibility that even the most ferocious dog might not be able to stop a burglar. Burglars might also be able to distract your dog by using toys or a treat, or they might even use force to repel your dog physically. The security solutions that you can consider for your home include:

  • Security cameras: the video surveillance gained from security cameras is effective. It also lets you check in on the activity occurring on your property while also allowing you to check what your dog is doing when you are not around. Nowadays, you can also use doorbell cameras that can act as an effective deterrent against crime to prevent theft.
  • Monitored alarms: alarm systems can notify you or the authorities when someone breaks into your home at any time of the day.
  • Mobile technology: you can also use mobile solutions that assist you in managing your home’s security system from wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Security gates and burglar bars: Security gates and burglar bars, in combination with vigilant guard dogs, create a formidable deterrent against burglary. These physical barriers not only prevent unauthorized entry but also serve as an initial warning system. When potential intruders see security gates and burglar bars in place, coupled with the presence of trained guard dogs, they’re more likely to think twice before attempting a break-in. Dogs, with their acute senses, add an extra layer of security by detecting and alerting to any unusual activity. Together, they form a robust defense, making a would-be burglar’s task significantly more challenging and thus reducing the likelihood of a successful break-in.


By using both the help of your dog and a security system, you will have a better chance of offering your home and family the best protection possible. By implementing the security solutions provided, you can ensure that your home is as secure as it possibly can be.

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