6 Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

Security in the home is crucial. There aren’t many things more significant than your home, and among those are probably the individuals that reside there. By serving as a genuine deterrent to crime, a home security system can protect your house and the belongings inside. According to a survey, 83% of burglars look for alarms before breaking in, and the majority claim that the installation of a security system would have caused them to reconsider their plans.

Given all of that, putting your house in danger is the last thing you should do. Although you may believe that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep your house secure, there are several frequent errors that people make that can make them more exposed than they may realize.


The worst security mistakes you might make at home and how to avoid them are listed below.


Leaving doors or windows unlocked

One of the most frequent safety errors is not locking windows or doors, so let’s start with that. An unlocked front door or an open window is about as easy a target as a burglar can find. Not even simply failing to lock doors or close windows counts. Since they know they will only be gone for a short while, people frequently leave a door unlocked or a window open. However, the majority of break-ins are completed in less than 10 minutes, so you don’t want to make it simple for them by leaving a door or window unlocked.


Hiding keys outside

Many robbers know where to look, yet people who hide keys outside their homes may think they are cunning. Leaving a key outdoors poses a significant risk to your safety, whether it is beneath the front mat, in a fake rock, or under a flowerpot. You would be much better off leaving a key with a dependable friend or family member if you are concerned about getting locked out.

Consider implementing a keyless entry system if you want to avoid leaving keys outdoors or having to rely on someone with a key. Smart locks are quite reasonably priced and include a variety of capabilities that can enhance your home security system. You won’t need to worry about misplacing or leaving a key outside thanks to features like keypads for unlocking doors and lock control via smartphone.


Leaving signs that your house is unoccupied

It’s lovely to go on vacation, but you don’t want to broadcast it to everyone who passes your house by leaving some obvious indications that it’s empty. To collect any packages or door flyers that could be amassed in front of the house each day, see if you can get someone you can trust to drop by once a day.

You have your lights, which is another indicator of an empty house. In this regard, burglars search for two things: either a home with no lights on, or a home with one light on throughout the day and night. Both of these indicate that the owner is not home. Put a few lights on a timer if you want to create the illusion that someone is home. You might think about getting smart lights if you have a smart alarm system. The lighting pattern of an occupied home is simulated by several of these systems’ vacation modes.


Too much sharing

Being active on Facebook or any other social networking platform is perfectly acceptable, but you should exercise caution when it comes to what information you disclose and when. Numerous accounts of thieves utilising social media to gather information about the residences they target have previously been told.

Avoid posting on social media about pricey items you’ve recently purchased as one easy home security advice. Even if you might be thrilled with your new 4K TV or a piece of jewellery you received as a present, posting about these things can attract crooks’ attention. Additionally, you shouldn’t let others know when you’re leaving on vacation or going out for the evening. If a burglar notices this, they will understand that your house will soon be deserted.


Leaving the windows on the second floor unlocked

People frequently think that their second-floor windows are secure from intruders. Although second-floor windows are less likely to be targeted by burglars than first-floor doors and windows are, if they believe they can enter the building that way, they will attempt to do so. Some criminals will find a means to access those open or unlocked second-story windows, so don’t rely on a challenging climb to serve as a deterrent.

You should also consider how you may make it simpler to get to the second story. Keep your ladder in the garage. Get a bike lock and lock it to anything that cannot be moved if you are unable to put it somewhere safe. Additionally, keep an eye out for anything like trees that could serve as entrance points. Cut back some branches if necessary to make it more difficult to access the windows.


Providing Burglars with Cover

Is it surprising that burglars select locations where they won’t be observed doing their crimes? You are making it easier for a burglar to break in if your home’s exterior has dim illumination, huge bushes growing around your doors and windows, or both. Make sure your home’s outside is well-lit, and trim plants and trees out of the way of your windows. Motion lights are another option to think about because they are more efficient and effective as a deterrent.

Consider placing home security cameras on the exterior of the front doors to further dissuade burglars and eliminate the possibility of them committing a crime unnoticed. When a burglar sees surveillance cameras, they are aware that even if they are not observed while committing the crime, there will be video evidence that can aid authorities in apprehending them after the fact.




It’s crucial to maintain your house secure because you want to protect both your family and your house. The last thing you want to do is make a clear error that puts your home security in jeopardy. To ensure that your home is safe, take care to keep away from these common home security mistakes. 



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