5 Simple Home Security Measures You Can Implement Today

Every household should prioritise improving home security since robbers take advantage of whatever opening they can. By putting the following security measures in place, you can stop burglars or intruders from targeting your property, and after you have done so, you can relax knowing that you have done your part to make your home safer.

Although both are equally important, being safe does not always equate to feeling safe. When our senses—especially our auditory and visual—are fulfilled, we feel safer.


Here are the five techniques you may use at home to soothe your senses and reduce stress.

1. Set up a home security system

One of the best methods to keep burglars out and be informed if there has been a break-in is to install a home security system. Whether it’s a basic security system or one with professional monitoring and home automation features, your home should have some security system. These include security cameras, alarm systems, etc. Unsecure homes are more prone to experience break-ins. An intruder is likely to flee if they see a security camera or a sign that says you have a security system.

Using home security cameras is an excellent way to add an additional layer of home security. Door and window sensors can also let you know if someone has entered or is attempting to enter your home, and security cameras can warn you if there is movement in your yard or on your front porch. Your security provider might also notify law enforcement on your behalf. Cover all wiring for the alarm system to function at its best. As a skilled burglar searches for locations where they can turn the security system off.

2. Secure your doors

Installing sturdy doors and security gates with high-quality locks can help you safeguard your doors. Always check the door frames and hinges on all of your outside doors, and if your door has a mail slot, be sure that no one can go through it to unlock the door.

Make sure your sliding doors are secure since burglars love them. To prevent the door from being forced open, you might go with tradition and install a window bar. Add a door sensor or a glass break sensor for a high-tech fix. These should deter criminals and inform you if the glass door is tampered with.

3. Lock your windows

The first and simplest line of defence against house burglars is to lock your doors and windows, yet many people don’t do this regularly. An unlocked door or window is an ideal easy target for burglars, who frequently seek out such objects. It’s best to keep them secured even when you’re at home. Additionally, ensure all doors and first-floor windows are locked before you leave the house.

Also available are window burglar bars, sensors that detect whether a window or door has been left open, and smart locks that you can program to lock themselves automatically at predetermined intervals.

4. Light up your Landscape

Burglars and other criminals like dimly lit areas as they are the ideal hiding places since they dislike being the centre of attention. Maintain them by providing adequate outdoor lighting. Install lighting in front and back yards, along the driveway, and next to any other outside structures you may have, such as the garage. This will prevent intrusions while also lowering the possibility and risk of tripping.

You can utilise solar-powered, motion-activated, and other types of outdoor security lighting to reduce dark areas.

5. Lock your Garage

People spend a lot of work protecting their homes but frequently neglect to secure their garages, which, regrettably, can make it simple for burglars to enter your property. Criminals increasingly choose to enter your home using this particular doorway. And even if they cannot enter your home, there is a significant probability that you have many valuable items in the garage. Make it a routine to lock the garage’s inner and external doors.

Always secure any standard windows and doors leading to your garage. You should always think about storing your garage door opener inside your home rather than in your vehicle, where it could be stolen. The inside door from your garage to your house should likewise be closed. In this manner, even if someone manages to enter your garage, they will not be able to enter your home. You can conceal what is in your garage by covering the windows or securing your garage with additional locks. Whatever you do, remove huge trees and shrubs carefully while removing  public visibility.




Give some of these strategies a try if you want to ensure you are safe at home; they might be of assistance. Keep your doors closed, avoid putting lights on timers, install an alarm, and interact with your neighbours. Finally, keep your valuables hidden if possible. Try these things out so you won’t be at risk as much! Obviously, you never want to consider how a break-in can affect you, but you never know when it might occur, so it is always better to be safe than sorry!


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