5 Window Security Tips You Can Implement Today

These days, home security systems are not toys for fools. Only people attending a surprise party for you should unexpectedly visit your home. Burglars are the other type of uninvited visitors; they not only enter your home without your permission but also steal some of your possessions. Therefore, you need to take all the necessary steps to ensure that you do not give burglars a chance to enter your home.

The windows in your home are the most convenient entry points for a burglar and will be their first choice if they want to break in and out of your house fast. If you invest in window security measures to make it harder to break into your home, you are less likely to experience a home invasion. Burglar proofing your window will provide the extra security you need to reduce the risks of window burglary.


Let us look at some strategies you could use to improve window security immediately.

1. Keep Your Windows Locked

It is crucial to continue securing your home’s windows before leaving, even for errands. When a burglar thinks the occupants are asleep or away from the house, burglaries are more likely to occur. Since first-floor windows are a common entrance point, ensuring they are safe is crucial.

Once the homeowners return home for the evening, anyone can enter the house using these windows; therefore, you must take all reasonable precautions to deter burglars. Although every window has a locking mechanism, if you have older windows, you can increase their security by adding another locking feature.


2. Installing Additional Locks and Grills On Your Windows

Almost all windows have built-in locks coming with them. However, one can have additional locks installed to enhance the level of security provided by your windows. The more locks you have, the better and the harder it would be for burglars to break in.

To safely secure your windows at home, you will have to install metal grilles, as robbers can easily break the glass and gain access. To get better protection, it is wise to install hard metal grilles with small spaces in their design patterns, which can allow hands or small items to be used to break the window.


3. Connecting Windows to Security Alarm

When connecting your alarm system to your window, it means once it is forcibly opened, the alarm will go off, signalling the presence of an intruder, and the burglar will run away. Many people only connect their doors, leaving windows vulnerable to burglary.


4. Install motion sensors

Motion sensors are helpful for deterring intruders since they pick up movement outside the house. These sensors are a simple mechanism, but they will significantly enhance your home’s security. When shopping, be sure to do your homework because many home security systems have motion sensors as part of the system. Your home’s monitors can tell if a window has been opened or penetrated.

You can connect these monitors to the main control panel, which will instantly alert authorities if the sensors are activated, setting off an alarm that may stun and hopefully scare away criminals.


5. Add lighting

Install lights around your property (including your backyard and driveway) to illuminate your home in the dark. Consider yourself a burglar for a minute. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself or be heard or seen, do you? You are spot on! Maintaining a well-lit home may be the most straightforward trick to preventing burglaries. A well-lit home is significantly less appealing to a prowling burglar than one hidden in darkness.

Look for lights that you can set on a timer to turn on at the predetermined time and shut off by themselves when the light is not needed, preferably throughout the day. Choose wire-free lights with a motion sensor if at all possible. We like motion sensor lights because when they are switched on, they cast an unexpected beam of light that can shock and frighten away a prowler or robber.




Your family, possessions, and, most importantly, your life is displayed in your home’s windows. Make your home less of a target for burglars by using these five tactics to cross them off the list. You will feel more at ease and comfortable knowing that you have done everything possible to reduce the likelihood of a thief breaking into your home if you ensure your windows are monitored, locked, and protected.



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