4 Reasons to Consider Window Sensors as a Home Security Solution

If you are looking to install a home security solution to improve the security of your home, then window sensors should be at the top of your list. We will discuss how they work, where to place them and the benefits you can expect from them.


How do window sensors work?

Window sensors are magnet mechanisms that will send alerts if one of your windows is opened when your security system is armed. Typically, these sensors are wireless, beneficial for various purposes beyond home security, and easy to install.

Sensors comprise two parts that line up to form a circuit. One part of the sensors is a magnet, and the other is an alarm transmitter. Whenever the window opens, the magnetic contact between the two sections will separate, which will trip the reed switch, which is an electrical circuit. Once triggered, the sensor will send a signal to your alarm keypad or home security app, which will notify you that someone has opened the window.

Most of the market’s window sensors are wireless and run on long-lasting batteries. The sensors communicate with control panels through transmitters. The most significant benefit of investing in wireless window sensors is easy and quick DIY installation. Professionally installed security systems will often use wired sensors that the security company will set up for you by running wires inside your walls and then connecting them back to the main alarm control panel.


Window sensor benefits

We live in a technologically advanced time where automation makes our lives easier than we could ever imagine. Modern-day technology is not only convenient, but it enhances security to another level. The same also applies to window sensors. However, there are also many other advantages that you can expect after installing these sensors in your home. Let us look at some of the benefits you will receive when installing these sensors.

1. Keep criminals away

From the time you install and activate window sensors, you will be notified by your home security system whenever anyone triggers the sensors. Additionally, suppose your home security system has a monitoring feature. In that case, the service provider will also be notified when the window sensors are triggered, enabling them to contact the authorities for quick action. They will also check up on you to ensure you are safe.

2. Extra deterrent

If your home security system was activated and someone were to try to force their way into your home using your windows, it would trigger the alarm. Window sensors will not only warn criminals who do not want to attract attention but will also alert you and your family members that someone is trying to break in.

3. Check on loved ones

Window sensors are not only a security measure that you can install to keep bad people out, but they are effective in keeping good people in. Sensors are beneficial when you have children or elders in your home. You have the option to set up your system to notify you whenever your windows are opened. This will prevent unexpected wanderings by adults with memory issues and toddlers.

4. Peace of mind

Above all of the benefits that window sensors offer, you will also have peace of mind. Whenever it is active, you will know that you and your family members are safe. Having peace of mind means you will sleep worry-free as you know that the alarm will ring whenever someone tries to break in. Therefore, window sensor technology is the best thing you can do to guarantee the protection of yourself, your possessions and your loved ones.


Where to place window sensors

When deciding where to place window sensors, you should put these sensors on all ground-floor windows as they are the ones that are most accessible to intruders. Window sensors should only be installed on windows that open.

Once you have a working sensor and a suitable location, you should install everything. Contact sensors use adhesive tape, making them easier to install; however, some have mounting screws. Adhesive tape may be easier to attach, but it is also harder to remove, and you cannot reuse it. Mounting screws are reusable but can be limiting as they are mainly helpful for wood surfaces, require tools, and leave holes behind.



The safety and security of you, your family member and your property is essential, and you would do anything to ensure that you achieve this. There are several benefits of installing window sensors, which will ensure that your home becomes safer. When installing them, you will need an expert to make the task easier and ensure the process is done correctly.



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