4 Tips for Outdoor Security Lighting

The lighting inside your home is just as important as the ones outside. Many homeowners install security lights to discourage would-be intruders from targeting their homes while also improving the home’s aesthetic appeal. We will offer some advantages of installing security lights and tips on ensuring that the outside of your home is lit effectively.


Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting

Security lights are an excellent investment, and they offer plenty of benefits. We will discuss some of these benefits.

Provides peace of mind

When criminals choose homes to target, they will typically go for those that are not well-lit or do not have light for some time. If you plan to travel, you can rest assured that your home will be well protected when you are not around. Security lights such as motion sensor lights can come in handy when you are not at home as they will only switch on when they detect motion, so you do not need to leave them on throughout the night.

Improves home security

The most common threat homeowners face is burglaries, but fortunately, security lights offer excellent defence against burglaries. When all the dark corners on your property are well-lit, it will ensure that you and your neighbours notice the presence of an intruder. Investing in security lights removes all the dark corners, meaning thieves won’t have anywhere to hide.

Prevents accidents

Dark evenings can make it challenging for your family and guests to navigate their way around your home. Most preventable accidents, such as tripping over decorative pots or a hose, also occur when there is total darkness. Thankfully, security lighting illuminates backyards, steps, driveways, and pathways, eliminating the possibility of injuries arising and making your home safer.

Increases property value

Your home is not only a haven for you, but it is also an investment which means that you must ensure that it has good value. If you decided to sell your home, it would have a high appraisal. Installing outdoor security lighting as a prime feature will add to your home’s value.



Outdoor Security Lighting Tips

Invest in clear or white bulbs

When choosing the best security lights for your home, the best option to opt for is clean or bright white light. You should refrain from installing colourful outdoor lights often used as décor. Though these colourful lights may look beautiful, especially deep shades of blue, red and green, these lights, however, will not be able to illuminate your outdoor space sufficiently. Choosing colourful exterior lights, like green lights, may distort elements in your garden, which might obscure your view of potential threats.

Strategically install security lights

Your placement when installing outdoor security lights will affect their effectiveness. It is advised that you are smart and logical when choosing a place to position your security lights. The main areas of your home, such as garden pathways, the front door, pool area and driveways, should all be adequately illuminated. There is a greater possibility that burglars will attempt to break in from the back of your house instead of the front. Therefore, ensure that your backyard is easy to scan for activity by ensuring that it is well lit. The same also applies to pathways and backdoor entries. Make sure that you position your security lights from a high angle, such as your roof, as this ensures that the light is cast downward, preventing shadows and illuminating a greater area.

Invest in motion-sensor security lights

The most effective exterior security lights are those that can surprise and deter criminals. If a burglar were to sneak onto your property and hide in the shadows, they would wait for an opportunity for entry so they could strike. Therefore, motion-sensor security is the natural and preferable choice. Motion-sensor lights also can enable you to catch criminals in the act as the lights suddenly turn on and shine a light on the individual. Motion-sensor lights also allow you to spot burglars as they will have no idea that there are lights and won’t know how to avoid the areas of your yard that have the lights installed.

Maintain security lights

Though exterior security lights provide plenty of benefits, they might not be able to provide you with their full benefits if they do not work correctly. Burnt-out bulbs are the same as not having any security lights. Therefore, proper maintenance checks of bulbs and fittings are just as essential to ensure that the bulbs work at full capacity. Ensure that you take time to regularly wipe down your light fittings, so they do not get covered in mud and dirt, which negatively affects their performance. The best way to conduct proper maintenance checks is by establishing a routine to monitor your lights regularly. Maintenance checks will also help you determine when your next upgrade should be.




When we think of home security, we might automatically think of security cameras and electric fences. However, outdoor security lighting also plays a vital role in keeping your home safe and secure. Criminals become easier to detect at night when there is sufficient outdoor illumination. Following the tips above will ensure you get the full benefits of your security lights.




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