Different Types of Security Lighting & How to Choose

Security lighting is essential as it discourages criminal activity and allows you to keep an eye on your property after dark. There are different types of security lighting you can find on the market, and it may make it difficult to choose the best option for your home. Fortunately, we will share the different types of security lighting and point you in the right direction.


Security Lighting Benefits

Adequate security lighting is known to deter criminals, and we will look at some of the benefits that it will provide.

1. Clears Shadows

The most apparent benefit of security lighting is that it rids your property of dark shadows that intruders would use to hide. With added lighting, you would gain clear visibility of your property at night, and you will achieve the security of knowing that you would be able to see anyone on the property.

2. Increases Property Value

If you want your property to stand out, then security lighting will help you achieve this, which could be helpful if you ever consider selling it, making it an excellent investment.

3. Neighbourhood Watch

If you live in a community, installing security lighting could be beneficial as this ensures that you not only watch your house but so do your neighbours. Your neighbours will quickly see when someone is lurking on your property, and they can give you a call to alert you if there is trouble.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

When you install security lighting, it will assist in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can also use your security lighting to create a beautiful outdoor space that you would be able to use both night and day.



Types of Security Lighting

Suppose you want to keep your family and home as safe as possible, then one of the most uncomplicated ways to achieve this is by adding security lighting to your home. With a wide range of security lighting options, it is essential that you understand your security needs and which lights would be able to meet those needs. Below are the types of security lighting and how to make them as effective as possible.

1. Flood Lights

Flood lights are the most popular option for security lighting as they are practical, straightforward, and offer greater variety as they have the option to make them dimmer or make them shine brighter. There are two options for flood lights: LED flood lights and solar flood lights. LED flood lights provide bright white light and cover a broad area. These lights are also long-lasting, and they consume a lot less energy. LED flood lights also consume a lot less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. A battery and the sun power solar flood lights. During the day, flood lights batteries are charged by the sun and can then power lights in the evening. Solar flood lights do not require any wiring to set up, so you would only need to find a location that gets ample light, and you will be up and running.

Flood lights are mainly used for home security and are typically found above areas with entryways, such as doors or a garage. Most homeowners prefer flood lights as they offer better peace of mind. It is recommended that you use dimmable flood lights as they enable you to illuminate your outdoor space without drawing attention to things such as cars or impacting the overall light quality in your neighbourhood. Choosing dimmable flood lights would still enable you to glance outside and still be able to see everything occurring in your backyard at any given time.


2. Motion-Activated Lights

Homeowners most seek out lights that include motion activation sensors. They are a practical version of an alarm system but exclude the scary sirens sounding, which might wake up the neighbourhood. Motion-activated lights will turn on each time they sense movement, and when an intruder enters your property, this will trigger your lights. Your yard will instantly be illuminated, which would scare away the intruder. If the lights do not scare away the intruder, then you will be able to spot them straight away.

Motion sensor lights are an incredible way to add security lighting to your outdoor areas such as backyards, entry doors and swimming pools without consuming too much energy. On a day-to-day note, motion-activated lights make navigating your outdoor area easier for your evening guests.

When installing motion-activated lights, you should consider the range you want the motion sensor to detect activity and the area’s size you would like to be illuminated. You should consider whether you want to use LED or incandescent bulbs, as LED bulbs may cost more during the initial purchase; however, they will have a longer lifespan and consume less energy in the long run.

One of the disadvantages of motion-activated lights is that rain or wind can trigger the lights. You must find the right balance in motion sensitivity and consider where you will install the motion-activated lights. Ensure that you install the lights in a location that is protected from moisture.


3. High-Intensity Discharge Lights

High-intensity discharge (HID) lights are highly rated for commercial spaces as they are very bright. They can produce an intensely strong light, illuminating a large area of space at any given time. HID lights are perfect if you own a large amount of land, like an expansive field you want to illuminate, as they are better than flood lights. HID lights are also an ideal choice for massive commercial structures, such as garages, stadiums, parking lots and warehouses.




Security lighting is an uncomplicated way to keep your home safe while also ensuring that you have a beautiful outdoor space that you can be proud of. When choosing the best security lighting for your home, you should consider your budget and what will meet your needs.



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