Do Outdoor Security Lights Really Deter Intruders?

Safety is something that everyone prioritizes for their houses as our homes are our haven. One of the most known ways to protect your home is by using security lights in outdoor areas, but does this deter intruders?

We all strive for our homes to be safe as possible. However, at times it can be difficult to discern which method will be most effective for you to implement. A known technique is using outdoor security lights to keep away intruders and burglars from entering your property.

Though outdoor lights contribute to a home’s beauty, they can also offer you protection as they assist you in identifying who is on your property and what they are doing. You can also give the illusion that there is someone at home even if you are not when you leave the lights on, which can add to your sense of safety.

Before burglars choose a house to rob, they will watch the property for weeks before deciding to make a move. Homes that do not look like there is much activity can become easy targets, especially in the evening. The key to increasing the effectiveness of outdoor security lights is having witnesses, so you need to install your lights in areas that will make it easier to identify intruders.

Another added benefit of installing outdoor security lights is that it dramatically reduces accidents during the evening due to darkness. Some of these accidents include tripping over garden items in the yard, such as the hose or garden gnomes. Illuminating your outdoor area will reduce the chances of accidents occurring.

Before installing your outdoor security lights, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration, such as:

  1. Which Lights Fit Your Security Needs?

    There are many types of styles of outdoor security lights that you can choose from. These types of lights include:
  • Outdoor motion sensor lights

    Outdoor security lights do tend to use a lot of energy, and for that reason, they might be an expensive security measure to implement. However, you can choose a cheaper alternative by choosing to use battery-powered outdoor security lights.

    The most popular outdoor security lights are motion sensor lights. These lights can detect movement, and when they do “see” motion, they trigger the light illuminating the entire area. Intruders and burglars hate being caught, so they would most likely run away to avoid being spotted by you and the neighbours. Motion sensor lights can also sound an alarm when they detect movement.

    Motion sensor lights can assist you with saving power as they do not consume a lot of energy, which further reduces costs. When the lights no longer detect movement, the lights will automatically switch off. Installing motion-sensing lights is also incredibly convenient as the lights do not require any maintenance after installing them, which means that you will not have to waste your time on maintenance work. These lights are also long-lasting, making them a good investment.
  • Floodlights

    Another popular outdoor security light option is making use of floodlights. Floodlights are bright, strong and completely inexpensive, which makes them appealing. These lights have a long lifespan as they last ten years longer than incandescent lights. Before they reach their lifespan, they will also give you a warning in advance as they slowly begin to dim out, ensuring that you get a replacement before they completely die out.

    Floodlights do not use up a lot of energy, making them a great option if you are trying to save up on money and reduce your carbon footprint. They can save energy because they do not emanate heat.

    The light produced by floodlights is similar to that of daylight, which makes them a great deterrent against intruders as you will be able to detect them quickly. These lights ensure that intruders do not have any dark and hidden spots which can be used to hide from people who want to gain access to your property.
  1. Where Do You Want To Fit Your Light?

    Before you choose to install your security lights, you will need to decide on the area on your property that you feel will be most effective in scaring off intruders. It is always better to install security lights close to all entrances like front and back doors, gates, and balconies in outdoor spaces.

    Installing lights in these areas will make it difficult for intruders to access your home without being detected. A general rule to also remember when it comes to installing lights is that the higher you choose to install the lights, the greater area they will cover. It also becomes difficult for an intruder to switch off. Just ensure that the lights are not too high that they cannot cover the areas you want them to.
  1. Think About Your Neighbours

    Though installing outdoor security lights offers your home with more security, it is vital that you do not upset your neighbours in the process. It would help if you placed your security lights in areas that do not disrupt your neighbours. For example, do not install your motion sensor lights in an area where if your neighbour were to pass by, the lights would be activated. You also do not want to install the lights where they shine into your neighbour’s windows. To avoid any issues, you could ask them after installation if you are causing any problems.


Home security is something none of us should take lightly. To ensure that our homes are safe, we constantly need to find ways to add to its safety. By following the considerations offered above, you will be able to use your outdoor lighting to improve your home’s safety.

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