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We tend to focus on the inside of our homes when it comes to home security. While it is critical to secure the interior of your home, don’t overlook your backyard, shed, or garage. Barbeques, patio furniture, motorcycles, and even the gazebo can all be great targets for burglars in the backyard.

There are specific times of the year when you should be concerned about the security of your backyard. For example, in the summer, when you leave expensive stuff outside after a party. Perhaps in the winter, when the days are shorter and the prospect of being broken into feels even more terrifying. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to improve your outdoor security system. Some are less expensive than others, but that does not make them any less effective. Deterring would-be thieves is the key to securing your garden. Make breaking into your garden complicated, and put obstacles in their way of making a rapid getaway, and they’ll cut their losses and go on. In this article, we will look at the ways you can ramp up your backyard security. 


Keep it bright

A well-lit area is an instant deterrent to intruders. The more light there is in your backyard, the easier it is for a sneak to be discovered.

Use motion sensor lighting to increase the security of your garden or backyard. When motion is detected, the light illuminates and remains illuminated for 1 to 20 seconds, depending on the timing setting. Unless motion is detected, the light will turn off automatically.

Place outside sensor lights along the pathways leading to any door. These lights can also be directed at decks, patios, and stairwells.

Install sensor lights at every entryway to the house or property for added protection. It is preferable to position your motion sensor lights around 2 metres above the ground.


Install an outdoor security camera

There are numerous designs to choose from, but the more you spend, the more capabilities the camera will have. So make a list of what’s important to you, then shop around for the device that best meets your demands. 

Most security cameras, for example, have 720p HD resolution, which is sufficient for inspecting all areas within and around your fences and boundaries. Cameras with 1080p HD, on the other hand, will produce far crisper images, making it simpler to spot precise features or prospective intruders. Other features include integrated security lights or sirens for added security. However, night vision is required for exterior security cameras to detect even the smallest movement in the dead of night. 

Security cameras are available in both wired and wireless configurations. The mains-powered models have more functionality, but installation is more difficult. They also have ugly power cables. Battery-powered wireless cameras are significantly more adaptable because they can be installed anywhere, but you must remember to charge them regularly (you will often receive an alarm via the companion app when the battery is running low). 

Security cameras typically feature lenses that cover a 110-150 degree angle, but 180-degree ones are available for more thorough monitoring. 


Set up a video doorbell

A video doorbell is another sort of exterior security camera accessible if you’re primarily worried about protecting your driveway and front porch or entrance. The software, which has much the same functionality as a typical security camera, will notify you when motion sensors or your doorbell have been triggered. You may then see and chat with anyone else in the room using the two-way audio.

Smart doorbells frequently (but not always) require a subscription to access additional functions. They are particularly handy when you are not at home frequently and have deliveries, but they also have the extra benefit of securing the front of your property. 


Install a security system

Your best bet for preventing theft is to install an alarm system. An alarm is a significant deterrent to a thief because if the burglar believes the alarm will sound, they will move on to a less difficult target.  While an alarm system cannot be installed in the backyard, you can ensure that a would-be burglar is aware that your property is protected by a security system. Make a burglar aware that your home is safeguarded by the following methods:

  • Putting up placards or stickers with your security company’s name prominently visible on the windows
  • Making cameras visible—under eaves or at entrances are ideal locations for exterior security cameras.
  • Placement of neighbourhood watch signs
  • Lock your sliding glass doors and install door locks on any home entrances that face the rear.


Don’t Leave Anything Valuable in Your Backyard

If you’re worried about burglars, why not get rid of the source of their attraction? If you have any expensive equipment or valuables in your backyard, bring them in at the end of the day. 




Securing the inside and outside of your home is usually a good idea, but weaknesses in your garden can also attract criminals. Making your home less enticing to intruders can be accomplished by installing cameras and lighting, keeping your yard clean, locking your back door and strengthening your fence. 



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