Yes, Secure Estates Do Need Barrier Security

Barrier security on estates is your last line of defence

Barrier security used to have no place in secure estates but it’s now acknowledged that they’re not totally immune to house breaking or petty theft.  Here are some good reasons why barrier security should be permitted in these complexes.

Barrier security and human error

Security measures in housing estates, like anywhere else, can be breached through human error.  It only takes one-less-than-honest security guard for the system to fail.  There have also been reports of criminals renting a property within an estate.  They can then appear to be legitimate residents, hiding their intentions of pilfering from neighbouring homes when the opportunity arises.

Service providers, too, are a weak point.  Garden service teams, casual workers, furniture removal companies and domestic help are all possible sources of security breaches, whether intended or not.

Security barriers and gates are always in place, keeping criminals out of one’s home.  It is discouraging for a burglar to find every door and window protected with good quality barrier security, because the effort, noise and tools required to break through them is b

This is not to say that a security barrier is the only solution to home safety measures.  It should be part of number of security layers, working together with electronic surveillance, access control measures and guarding to keep residents safe at home.

Why barrier security is ideal for secure estates

Apart from being effective in keeping criminals out, barrier security has other advantages:

  • They don’t need constant maintenance, apart from cleaning as per manufacturersinstructions.
  • They can be powder coated to suit the estate’s colour palette and treated for resistance to corrosion so that they don’t deteriorate and result in an eye-sore.
  • Estate management can specify a limited choice of barriers so that residences maintain their uniformity and new homes don’t differ from older ones.
  • Trellidor franchises offer a reliable back-up service in the event of an attempted break-in or to repair damage caused in some other way.

More barrier security designs on offer than ever before

Barrier security designs are not restricted to the steel burglar proofing and security gates that immediately come to mind.  Old fashioned barrier security protection can detract from the carefully thought out architectural themes of housing estates, so Trellidor has introduced new options that blend in seamlessly.  

The range of barrier security options now on offer from Trellidor includes:

  • Trellidor Clear Guard streamlined high tensile mesh screens, framed in aluminium.  They are see-through and don’t obscure the view.  This is elegant barrier security that also keeps out irritations such as mosquitoes, snakes and baboons.
  • Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters.  These are lightweight but strong security barriers that roll up out of sight into a box that can be recessed into a wall cavity if specified during the building phase.  They can be fully automated and incorporated into smart electronic control systems.
  • Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar proofing is ideal for homes with cottage pane windows.  It can be manufactured to match the size of the window panes so that you hardly notice it’s there.  It’s an unobtrusive but highly effective security barrier.
  • Trellidor Retractable Security slides right out of the way when you don’t need it, but provides excellent protection for doors and windows when needed.  It can be designed for different levels of security risk.

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