Why You Really Need These Aluminium Burglar Bars

Trellidor Cottage Guard aluminium burglar bars are in a class of their own. They deserve a second look when you’re deciding on what to fit to your windows to protect yourself from a robbery attempt.


Incredibly strong

Burglar guards come in all shapes and sizes and this can confuse your decision making process.  Trellidor believes that your main priority for a security grille should be strength. Whether it’s a door or window you are trying to defend, it must be strong enough to protect you from a potential break-in.

There are a number of ways of looking at burglar bars for windows to judge if they’re able to do the job you require of them. 


Here is a quick list of what to check in choosing burglar bars:


  • How are they made? Custom made is always going to be stronger than DIY because they’re made to fit the opening properly.
  • What are they made from? The material the burglar bars are made from may rust quickly, weakening the burglar guards. Or the material may be too flimsy to resist a kick from a well-aimed boot.
  • How are they installed? There are two issues here.  One is that fully framed burglar guards are usually stronger than semi-framed or no frame. The second is that professionally installed burglar bars fixed into the brick around the window is better than burglar bars screwed into a wooden window frame. When screwed into the frame, they are easily bashed out for easy access into the home.
  • What guarantees do they carry? Check out the fine print. Some burglar guard ranges carry incredible terms and conditions that ensure you’ll never get your money’s worth.


An image of aluminium burglar bars in a bedroom.


Premium quality Trellidor Cottage Guard

Trellidor Cottage Guard is a premium quality burglar bar that makes your security barrier decision easy. 

  • It is custom made to fit your window, ensuring best fit and strength under attack.
  • It is made from aluminium tubing with a reinforced steel bar inside the tubing, making it incredibly strong.
  • They are fully framed and bolted into the substrate of the window with coach screws to strengthen their resistance to assault.
  • Trellidor guarantees them for five years against defective workmanship, materials and corrosion, even at the coast.


Important points to consider when choosing security

When deciding on what burglar guards to choose, add the following to the list of why you should seriously consider Trellidor Cottage Guard for your windows:

  • The size of the openings is flexible and can match your cottage pane windows, but will always stay within the maximum outlined by insurance companies.
  • Cottage Guard can be manufactured for any window design, including large expanses of glass that are vulnerable to break-ins.
  • These burglar guards can be powder coated in a number of attractive colour options to match your decor colour palette.
  • They are manufactured in the Trellidor factory, which is ISO audited and SABS approved for your peace of mind.

Take a closer look at Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar proofing

the ultimate crime barrier

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