Why we certify our Trellidor franchise experts

Certified for your safety

For some years now Trellidor has insisted on all staff being able to identify themselves at a customer’s gate or front door. We issue them with identity cards with their name, identity photo and official Trellidor logo. To qualify for this identity card, Trellidor franchise staff have to undergo annual certification for your safety.

Best practice for your peace of mind

We see this as industry-leading best-practice and a safe-guard for our customers. The story below illustrates why we do this. It relates to a terrible incident that was published in a Durban community newspaper:

(The local) SAPS has urged residents to be wary of criminals posing as contractors. This comes after an armed gang stormed a home just after 2pm on Friday afternoon. The four suspects were armed with handguns. According to (a spokesman for) SAPS, the men also assaulted the domestic worker.

The men hooted at the gate and told the domestic worker they were contractors. When she let them in, one of the suspects grabbed her and used the butt of the pistol to hit her in her ribs. He also slapped her several times and took her to one of the rooms. The men made off with jewellery, shoes and watches.

We traced the number plates of the vehicle that was used (and it) came up matching a different vehicle. They had used cloned number plates. We are urging residents to inform their domestic workers not to let anyone in regardless of what they tell you, he said.

Follow this process for your safety

When you order your security barriers through a Trellidor franchise, you can rest assured that they will always contact you before sending a Trellidor Sales Consultant or Installation Team around to your home.

When they have done this, we suggest that you:

  • Let anyone that will be at your home on the designated day and time know that Trellidor will be arriving that day, particularly if you won’t be there.

  • Tell them not to let anyone onto the property without first checking that they have a Trellidor identity card proving their certification. They must not open the driveway gate or front door without doing this check.

  • If they or you still aren’t sure, telephone your Trellidor franchise to check the names of the people at your gate or front door.

This advice should apply to any contractor that you’ve engaged to work at your home. The story we’ve used here has been all too common and happens in all parts of South Africa as well as countries around the world.

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