Why traditional security gates will always be a good choice

Why traditional security gates will always be a good choice to protect your home and family

Trellidor has introduced loads of new barrier styles over recent years to satisfy the increased demand for lifestyle products with an element of style. But there is still place for more traditional designs that do a proper job of protecting your home and family.

Trellidor Retractable has stood the test of time  

Trellidor Retractable was the first security barrier designed by the company’s original owners over 40 years ago. Now days there are several versions of this gate. They differ in terms of strength under attack, but the basic look is the same.  

We’ve had customers that had Trellidor Retractable gates fitted to their front door in the early days that come back to us 20 years later, saying they just need the lock updated as nothing else is wrong with the gate! Plus we’ve had many anecdotal stories about gates that were attacked and bent out of shape but held long enough for the robbers to give up.  

A recent story came from Trellidor Durbanville in Cape Town. Robbers had tried to get into a customer’s home by attacking the Trellidor Retractable gate at the front door. The gate ended up battered and bent but still firmly in place, so the robbers gave up and removed a glass window pane instead, getting inside to help themselves to the TV and other items.  

Reliable protection for just about any opening  

Trellidor Retractable gates can be installed to protect anything from front doors to patios, passages, stairways and windows.

In fact, it is ideal for windows because this burglar proofing can be opened for easy window cleaning. It also provides an alternative escape route out of the house if there’s a fire or a break-in.  

No matter where it’s installed you’ll have the comfort of knowing that:  

  • It’s fully framed for added strength.
  • The sash is as neat and compact as possible.
  • Our product construction and installation methods are designed to increase the barrier’s strength under attack.
  • It is manufactured to operate smoothly and easily.
  • Our patented locks are unique in design and the strongest available.
  • The gates carry warranties against corrosion, even at the coast.
  • We offer special options such as cut-in tracks; hinge-away units for safe passage; units to fit curved windows and many others.

Take another look at Trellidor Retractable at Homemakers Expo Jo’burg  

Visit Trellidor at Homemakers Expo Jo’burg to try out Trellidor Retractable for yourself. Ask the Trellidor people on the stand to explain the barrier’s strengths to you. It really is worth a second look. Don’t forget to ask about our show discounts!  

And if you aren’t in Gauteng, visit your nearest Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor to see Trellidor Retractable for yourself.  


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