Why this customer chose a Trellidor plus T900 security door

The need for physical security to protect us at home isn’t going away anytime soon. So the sensible approach is to plan ahead to incorporate it in your home.  This allows you to make your security doors and windows fit your lifestyle rather than the other way around. 

One homeowner did just that when she choose a Trellidor Plus T900 Retractable security door for her front door. She has some tips to share when considering what security products to purchase.

How to choose a security door for your home:

  • Choose an appropriate product for your location. A beautiful entrance door with glass panels is easy to break through in order to reach the front door key. Robbers can then just let themselves in. If a door like this is also exposed to the street, passers-by can see whether the entrance is accessible or not.  For these reasons the owner we talked to chose a Trellidor Plus T900 Retractable security door. It is designed for very high security risk locations. A solid wood front door on the top floor of a high security apartment block would not need a security door of this strength.
  • Choose a powder coating colour that blends in with your decor.  This homeowner’s security door is coated with matt bronze and works extremely well with the wood finishes in her home, resulting in seamless security.
  • Choose a barrier that works smoothly.  There is nothing worse than fiddling about with an assortment of keys to open the security door. A security door that doesn’t glide open easily is equally frustrating. So are complicated locks.  The Trellidor Plus T900 Retractable security door operates smoothly. It has just one key inserted in one lock to operate three locking points inside the lock stile. 
  • Make sure you have the reveal space to fit your security door.  Trellidor Retractable Security doors are fully framed for strength reasons, so a narrow reveal (or no reveal at all) means the gate has to be fitted face-on.  This homeowner had the security door set back from the pivot front door. It is tucked neatly into the reveal and allows plenty of space for the entrance door to open.  The security door stacks neatly to one side, out of the way when you don’t need it.
  • Keep your security door closed and locked at all times. In the heat of summer we all like to open up windows and doors to catch any little breeze.  Burglar guards on windows and locked security gates let you do this without making you vulnerable to surprise ‘visitors’.  This homeowner has taught her little girls to close and lock their Trellidor security door whenever they enter their home.

A little more about the Trellidor Plus T900 security door

The Trellidor Plus T900 security door was designed with additional strengthening features for very high risk situations.  These include entrances that are highly exposed such as those fronting directly onto the street or in a high-crime neighbourhood. 

This sliding security gate has been internationally certified for its strength under attack by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a respected testing body.  It can be manufactured to fit windows and passages as well as doors.




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