Why to Start Opting for Poly Guard Bars Instead for Your Office

There are many reasons why you might need burglar proofing for your office, not all of them to do with burglars. But not all offices need the heavy-duty protection of high-end steel burglar bars. Clear burglar bars are the perfect solution for windows in offices in safer locations.

Here are some of the types of office where clear burglar bars could be considered and why to start opting for Poly Guard instead of other types of burglar proofing.

Office parks

Office parks frequently have several types of security, which is why many business owners choose to base their offices there. The various layers could include perimeter fencing, regular patrols, a single gated entry and exit point and good lighting at night.

There is no guarantee, however, that everyone that gains access into the office park has good intentions or is there on legitimate business. Theft still happens and offices with no protection on the windows are an open invitation to anyone looking for small, portable valuables to pinch.

Well-made Polycarbonate burglar bars are an excellent way of preventing this type of theft. This is because:

  • They are reasonably priced, so you can fit them to all vulnerable windows at an affordable cost.
  • They are clear burglar bars and are see-through, so they don’t clutter up the windows or block the outlook from the windows.
  • Fully framed Polycarbonate bars with an aluminium frame on all four sides are neat and strong and don’t detract from the building’s appearance.
  • The gaps between the Polycarbonate panels make it difficult for anyone to pass stolen goods through the windows.

Multi-storey buildings

Office buildings in cities, suburbs and industrial nodes are usually well-secured on the ground floor, where people gain access to the premises. There are obvious controls such as security personnel at the public entry point, steel burglar bars on the windows, security cameras and security gates.

Windows on higher floors, however, may be neglected because they don’t seem likely to be used by criminals to get into the office building. But the fact that these windows are high up is no deterrent to determined thieves.

There have been many reports of criminals using whatever they can find lying around to get themselves up high enough to get in through unsecured windows. Benches, garbage bins, or even each other’s shoulders provide enough leverage to get up and inside. Computers, cell phones and anything else of value can simply be dropped to those waiting below.

It is not always necessary to protect these windows with metal burglar bars. Clear burglar bars for offices are sufficient to act as a deterrent. This is because the thieves have to try to break through them, risking discovery by making too much noise and having to hang around too long.

Home offices

In the age of Covid-19 working from home has become the norm. Many of us have installed computers, printers and other equipment to enable us to carry on with our jobs without having to go into the office. We need to protect these valuable tools as well as ourselves, so burglar proofing and security gates have become a priority.

If you live and work in a low to medium crime risk area, Polycarbonate bars are a safe option for your windows. They don’t make your home office look like a prison because they are clear. You can see through them to the garden or view outside without feeling locked in, and they protect you from anyone that sneaks onto your property.

You don’t have to stop at your  home office. Polycarbonate bars can be installed to protect the windows throughout your home at a reasonable cost, creating visual continuity.

Offices in areas where monkeys and baboons create havoc

There are many places in South Africa where monkeys and baboons get into offices and homes, leaving a terrible mess behind them when they leave. No-one wants to be cruel to animals that are running out of habitat and struggling to find food. Polycarbonate bars are a humane way of keeping them out of your office kitchen and other areas that they might wander through in search of food.

Get these burglar bars fitted to the office windows, particularly the kitchen and other storage areas. The gaps between the bars are too small for the primates to fit through and the bars themselves are a visual deterrent that stops them trying to get inside.

Why choose Trellidor clear burglar bars for your office

There are many suppliers of clear Polycarbonate burglar bars for offices as well as homes, but not all versions are made equally strong. Trellidor Poly Guard is manufactured to be strong and robust, with the following features:

  • A full, four-sided extruded aluminium frame that provides a neat finish and improved strength.
  • The lightweight, transparent, strong and UV resistant Polycarbonate panels are inserted into this frame at regular intervals.
  • The Poly Guard units are fixed into the substrate surrounding the window using tamper-proof fixings, making it stronger than competitor products.
  • Polycarbonate bars are see-through and hardly noticeable, making them an attractive alternative to metal burglar bars.
  • Trellidor Poly Guard has strengthening features that make it a security barrier, not just ‘monkey bars’. 
  • Window handles and hinges are easily accommodated and the Poly Guard don’t interfere with them.
  • Trellidor uses fixings that are difficult for intruders to access or remove, making them a safe option as burglar bars for office windows. 
  • The Trellidor method of installing Polycarbonate bars is stronger and more resistant to attack than the more common method of attaching the Polycarbonate strips to the window frame.
  • These burglar bars are custom-made by Trellidor and installed by trained technicians.

Poly Guard Colours for your office

The Trellidor Poly Guard four-sided frame can be powder coated in a colour to suit the colour palette of your office building. They can either be powder coated in a neutral colour that blends in, or you could choose a bold colour to reflect the company logo or define your office space.

The price of Poly Guard for offices

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Poly Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

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