Why Should You Care if Your Security is Certified?

In a competitive industry such as security it is important to know whether you can trust your supplier and selected products, especially since personal safety is at stake. Physical security barriers fitted to protect the occupants of a building, whether residential or commercial, must be dependable and able to do what is expected of them. Only independent testing and certification can provide this certainty.

“There are no recognised testing bodies in South Africa, where our security barriers are designed and manufactured. This is why we went the international route. We are the only manufacturer in South Africa to do this and the only one with three products that surpassed this stringent testing,” said Peter Rawson, Trellidor Marketing and Sales Director.

Trellidor submitted selected product designs to BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). BRE is based in London and is an independent, third-party certification body. It sets standards that ensure security products, amongst others, work effectively and deliver on promise. They test security gates and other products against these standards.

What does security product testing achieve?

If security products pass these rigorous tests, they are awarded a Certificate of Product Approval. They are then listed in the Redbook of approved product suppliers used by specifiers throughout the world.

The certification confirms the product’s level of strength under attack, giving specifiers a clear indication of the locations for which these products are suitable.

There are five levels of LPCB rating, with 1 being the lowest. Trellidor has three sliding security gates with this highly regarded certification. These are:

  • Trellidor Plus-T900 security grille (certified to Level 1).
  • Trellidor Trojan II-T1000 security grille (certified to Level 2).
  • Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 security grille, certified to Level 3, the highest level achieved by sliding security grilles anywhere in the world.

“We don’t randomly design products and submit them for testing. This would be a futile exercise, with potentially no market for them. We work closely with customers the world over to establish what they need in terms of product strength as well as practical aspects such ease of operation, including workable locking systems,” said Peter.

Certified Trellidor products have been specified for high-security risk locations such as transport hubs, embassy staff homes and offices in volatile countries, well-known international retail chain stores and shopping centres. In all these applications, the products were able to meet the high standard of strength and practical operation required.

The benefit of testing for households

People living in houses, estates and apartments generally don’t need the same level of protection for which Trellidor certified products are designed. The spin-off for households is that if a company cares enough about personal safety to spend a sizable amount of revenue on achieving these international ratings, then it is more than likely going to care about families too.

Trellidor has a wide range of security barriers, all of which are manufactured to the same high standard as the certified products.

“We don’t believe in compromising on our customers’ safety, whether its an international transport company or a family requiring a security gate for the front door of their apartment. Everyone deserves to feel safe in the places they live and work, so we strive to provide households with the best protection they can afford within their budgets,” said Peter.

Trellidor offers a wide range of product options, from the certified sliding security grilles to models better suited to homes; security screens; louvre shutters; rolling shutters; and window burglar proofing in many different designs.

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