Why Do Security Barriers Need Maintenance

Proper security that helps keep you safe at home or work is a big investment. Isn’t this reason enough to do some periodic maintenance and make sure it lasts as long as you expect it to?

The other really good reason for looking after your security barriers is that they’ll continue to do the job you expect of them if you do. Most of us do this for cars and large appliances, so why not for the security system that could prove a life-saver in a tricky situation?

We do find, however, that most people don’t take care of their security gates and burglar bars, seldom giving them another thought once they’re installed. Until something goes wrong, of course, like the gate sticking when you try to close it, or burglar bars that start corroding sooner than anticipated.

It’s also important to remember that neglect can void the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by most security barrier manufacturers, so it’s a good idea to take note of the following:

  • Burglar proofing needs to be cleaned regularly as per your manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Trellidor recommends that if you live within 500m of the beachfront, clean your barriers every two weeks; up to 1km from the beachfront, clean them once a month; from 1km to 10km from the sea, clean them every two to three months; more than 10km from the sea, clean them every 6 months.
  • Ask for your barriers to be installed internally rather than on the outside of the building wherever possible. This means they will have less exposure to harsh elements.
  • If the barriers have to be fitted externally, make sure they are of a quality that can withstand harsh weather and corrosive conditions.       Off-the-shelf or poor quality barriers are unlikely to be able to cope under these conditions for long.
  • Custom made barriers will carry a warranty so you’ll have recourse to your supplier should the barriers rust prematurely. Read these through thoroughly, especially the conditions under which barriers will be replaced.

Trellidor franchises supply customers with a cleaning kit as well as user care and instructions, so make sure you read through these. Especially the part that says: Do not spray into the keyhole of the cylinder where the key fits!

To find out more about how to clean your security barriers, read Trellidor’s care instructions.

Or contact your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor and ask them to advise you.

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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