Why Choose Trellidor to Supply Your Home Security?

Consumers seem to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing home security products. There are a few big players countrywide and a couple of smaller ones in all of the main centres in South Africa. So why should you choose Trellidor as your home security suppliers? Here are some very good reasons.

Research and development makes better home security products

Trellidor has been around for over 35 years and has never rested on its laurels. We receive break-in reports from over 70 franchises countrywide and over 17 countries internationally. We use these to keep track of what criminals are up to. We know what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, so we can make sure our home security products stay ahead of the game in terms of resisting attack and helping to keep you safe at home.

We also make sure we’re up to date with new developments in home security product material and technology. This is what led us to introduce our revolutionary Trellidor Clear Guard range of security screens. There is nothing else like it on the market at this stage, and we were instrumental in developing the product so that it would be suitable for South Africa homes.

Over the years we have secured hundreds of thousands of homes with our home security products and are also preferred suppliers to many large companies and retail chains such as Makro, Mr Price, JD Group, Relyant Retail, Pick n Pay, Shoprite Group, Tekkie Town, CNA and Meltz. They all choose Trellidor to help protect their employees, assets and customers.


Our franchise network provides personal service on your doorstep

We began franchising the supply side of Trellidor many years ago. This was done to get suppliers closer to our customers and provide quick, personal service when you need it, particularly in times of trauma.

Your local franchise is owner-managed by people who know your area and very likely, you. Their staff is trained by us to give you sound home security advice, help you choose the right home security products for your home, do a professional installation, and provide dependable after-sales service.

Custom made home security fit for purpose

With us there is no one size fits all solution that will fail within seconds of an attack. Trellidor custom-manufacture every home security door or window barrier ordered by a customer. We measure the opening, design the barrier to fit, and once it’s arrived from the factory, we personally install it for you. This means a best fit home security product that will do an excellent job of helping to keep you safe at home.

Choose from a wide range of home security products

Our trellis-style range of home security barriers, Trellidor Retractable and Trellidor Fixed are still our most popular home security products, but we have introduced other designs to give you more choice.

Over the past few years we added cost-effective burglar bars to our range (Trellidor Burglar Guard); top of the range burglar proofing for windows (Trellidor Cottage Guard); the innovative Trellidor Clear Guard security screens; and the increasingly popular roller shutters made from aluminium (Trellidor Rollerstyle).

Trellidor Sales Consultants will help you select a range of these designs for your home security package because you’re not restricted to one type only. We’ll link them all through powder coating them the same colour for seamless home security. You may, for example, want a roller shutter in your passage to create a safe room; a Trellidor Retractable security gate on your front door; Trellidor Fixed or Retractable burglar proofing on your windows; and Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors on your patio.

A certified production facility for peace of mind

All Trellidor home security barriers are manufactured in our Durban factory, SABS approved to ISO 9001 standards, confirming our high level of manufacturing excellence and workmanship. Our top home security products are also certified by the UK-based Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which is widely acknowledged as the leading international certifications body in the security industry. Trellidor is also a member of the Security Association of South Africa.

We’re proud owners of one of the best powder coating plants in the southern hemisphere, which allows us to offer warranties of up to five years. Every home security product that leaves our factory has gone through this powder coating process, which a Bonderite pre-treatment that significantly enhances the home security barrier’s corrosion resistance properties.

For all these reasons, it makes sense to use Trellidor as your home security supplier. We believe that every South African has a right to be safe in their own homes, and that we have the home security products to help you achieve this.


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