Why choose Trellidor barriers?

Why should you choose a Trellidor franchise to install your security barriers? There are many other options on the market, so this is a valid question. It is one that Trellidor is qualified to answer after 40 years in the security industry! So here are our reasons for choosing Trellidor products to secure your home or business:

You can trust the Trellidor brand

We’ve been building our reputation for strong, custom-made security barriers over four decades, always with the intention of providing our customers with the best protection that technology allows.

The Trellidor brand is represented by a large network of over 70 RSA franchises and over 22 outside South Africa.

The Trellidor Quality Management System is LPCB certified for ISO 9001:2008 compliance.

Plus we have successfully secured hundreds of thousands of homes with our barriers and are preferred suppliers to many industries in SA and abroad.

You can trust Trellidor service

Trellidor franchises are managed by customer-centred franchise owners that are committed to providing excellent customer service. They are just a phone call away if you need an appointment. 

Trellidor franchises have convenient showrooms for you to visit and see the product range. They also honour Trellidor warranties and provide reliable after-sales service.

You can trust Trellidor people

At Trellidor we believe everyone has the right to be safe at home and work. This means that our sales and installation teams are trained and certified experts in their fields.

Trellidor people are often well-known, especially those that live and work within their communities. They are up to date with crime trends in their areas. This means they can give you the right security advice for what is happening in your community.

You can trust Trellidor products

Trellidor offers a range of products to suit all levels of security risk. They are all made to measure for added strength and security.

We test our products for strength under attack to make sure they are strong enough for your home. This includes our patented, user-friendly locks.

Our security barriers have specially engineered strengthening features that set them apart from competitors. They are semi-framed or fully framed for additional strength and we install them using tamper-proof methods and fixings.

Corrosion is a problem in many areas, especially at the coast. Trellidor barriers are pre-treated against corrosion and powder coated at our modern paint plant.

None of these are welded products, so there are no weak areas for corrosion to set in. And there are no plastic components, just Nylon 6 in some ranges. This is a material used in motor vehicles and space craft, so they are certainly strong enough for burglar proofing.

Find your nearest Trellidor franchise and visit their showroom for more information.


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