What to Know About Trellidor Retractable Security Gates Locking Systems

The locks are often the first part of residential security gates that robbers attack. They see it as an easy way to break into a home. Their success rate depends on the type of lock they are dealing with, so it is important to ask questions about the locks when considering expandable security gates for your home. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds, so read on to see what you need to know.  


Why security gate locks are important

The ideal place to fit a security barrier is on the inside of a door or window. This is because robbers have to first break through the door or window and are then faced with having to attack the security barrier. This creates noise and takes time, both the enemies of a quick house robbery.

Most South African homes have a front door that opens inwards. This means that your security gate has to be fitted to the outside of the door. In this position, it is the first point of attack for house breakers, so you need a strong gate that can stand up to an attack. And the gate needs a strong, tamper-proof lock that is designed to prevent a break-in.

Security gate lock mechanisms have improved over time. But there are still big differences in the types of lock fitted to the various brands of security gate on the market. It is important to know what these are before you buy a security gate because a weak lock is easily broken. Once this is done, criminals have free access to your home.


Break-in techniques to know about

One of the methods house breakers use is to try to lever the lock unit away from the gate or door frame using a crowbar or another tool. Another break-in method is to slide a credit card into the gate below the lock to lift the latch and open the lock. A more difficult trick is to pick the lock with a hairpin or similar device. 

Keys are a weak point that is easily exploited by criminals. If the lock is opened with a standard type of key, their job is made easier. They can use stolen master keys or blackmail casual workers into giving them the number stamped on the key so that they can buy one to use in your gate.  



Five features to look for in a strong security gate lock

What we can learn from these break-in methods is that any residential security gate installation should have a lock that:

  • Has no gaps to fit a crowbar to lever the lock or gate away from the frame.
  • Has built-in security features to prevent the lock being opened without a key.
  • Has secure tamper-proof keys that are computer cut to code only.
  • Has several internal locking points to make a break-in extra difficult.
  • Has one key point to make locking up quick and easy.

This last feature is important because you may think that more than one key point, each with its own key, is the stronger lock option. But when you’re in a hurry or perhaps tired at the end of a long day, the temptation is to not bother with all the locks. This leaves you exposed to a break-in because the unlocked key point is an easy access point for criminals.

It is far easier to have a single locking point that requires just one key to lock the gate, especially if the gate has several internal locking points that the key activates. 


Slamlock or Deadlock security gates?

Slam locks and dead locks are both popular types of security gate lock. A slam lock engages when you slide the gate closed. A dead lock requires a key to engage the lock.  The choice of lock will usually be down to personal preference.

The Trellidor range of sliding security gates offers both types of lock. The Trojan TX model has a slamlock that gives you the best of both worlds. It can be used as a slamlock or a deadlock, giving you the choice depending on your needs at the time. 

The Trojan Classic has a deadlock that is one of the strongest on the market. It has design features to protect the lock and lock stile from a lever attack and other methods of breaching locks.  


How to choose the best security gate and lock for you

It is hard to make the right choice of retractable security gate if you haven’t actually tried them out. The best way of finding the one with the best lock for your home is to visit supplier showrooms and try them out. Once you have a feel for what’s on the market, you can make your decision. After all, home safety is not something that that you should compromise on, so it is worth the effort. 

There are Trellidor showrooms throughout the country and they are happy to talk you through the various lock and gate options. Or they will come to you with samples. 

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