“What is a Trellidor?”

We hear this quite a lot. Today, let’s tackle it. So what is a Trellidor, really?

The word ‘Trellidor’ is the brand name of South African security barrier manufacturer Trellidor. The company has been manufacturing steel sliding trellis-style safety gates for over 40 years. These are fitted to doors and windows to protect people from intruders.

Because the company has been supplying the security barrier market for four decades, the name ‘Trellidor’ is sometimes used by competitors to describe their own versions of sliding security gates. It is also used by some customers to refer to the sliding metal gates that they want for their homes and offices.

The proper term to use for ‘a trellidor’ if you’re unsure of what brand you have or are looking for is ‘sliding security gate’ or ‘retractable security gate’. In some parts of the world they’re called ‘sliding security grilles’ or ‘retractable security grilles.’

Is my Trellidor a real Trellidor?

Trellidor security gates have been copied by many companies trying to get into the security gate market. Sometimes these gates can look similar to Trellidor gates, but genuine Trellidor sliding gates have six distinguishing features. Some competitor products have some of these features, but if your gate has all six then it is most likely a genuine Trellidor gate.

The features of a real Trellidor gate:

  1. Genuine Trellidor gates have double uprights.  ‘Uprights’ are the vertical steel bars that run from the top to bottom track, and you’ll see them in pairs along the length of a Trellidor security gate.  This is a strengthening feature. Most competitor products are made from only one set of uprights.
  2. The links that form part of the trellis pattern across a Trellidor gate link three uprights together. This makes the gate stronger and smoother to operate. Most competitor products have links that connect only two uprights.
  3. The third distinguishing feature of a security gate is the U-shaped profiles.  The vertical steel bars and the links that connect them are shaped into a ‘U’, making it easy to coat all surfaces against corrosion. Some of our competitors use square tubing for steel or aluminium gates, and this is difficult to coat against corrosion on the inside.
  4. The unique, patented Trellidor lock is branded.  The name ‘Trellidor’ is etched into the lock cylinder.  So even if our branded sticker is missing from around the lock, you will still be able to tell if it’s a Trellidor lock or not.
  5. Trellidor gates have a single key and keyhole.  Some manufacturers have two different keys and two keyholes.  The internal locking mechanism of a Trellidor security gate has several locking points for added strength, but as the user, you only see one keyhole, making Trellidor gates quick and easy to lock or unlock.
  6. Trellidor gates have a T-shaped, low profile bottom track, designed to reduce the chances of tripping over the track and also to make it harder for criminals to pull the uprights off the track.

If your security gate has all these features, it is most probably a genuine Trellidor Retractable Security gate. And if you are in the market for a new security gate, then these are the features you need to look out for when comparing different brands because they define the qualities of a premium security product.

How to remove a Trellidor lock

Trellidor locks are patented designs that are fitted using specialist tools. These tools are not easily available at hardware stores, which is one of the safety features built into Trellidor gates. But there are reasons for wanting to remove a Trellidor lock, such as:

  1. You’ve had an attempted break-in and the gate lock is damaged.
  2. You’ve moved into a new house with Trellidor gates, and you don’t have a full set of keys from the previous owners.
  3. You’ve dismissed an employee that may have a key to the gate.
  4. You’ve lost your keys and need to replace the locks for safety’s sake.
  5. Your Trellidor gate is several decades old, and you want the latest locks fitted.
  6. You’ve decided to have the same locks on all your gates for convenience’ sake i.e. keyed alike, rather than different locks and keys on all your security gates.

In all these cases, you need to call in your local authorised Trellidor supplier to replace the locks for you. They will do it quickly and easily as they have the correct tools to do so.

If you try to do this yourself, you will find that the locks you purchase don’t fit. Plus, your warranty will no longer be valid.

How to repair a Trellidor gate

If your Trellidor gate has been damaged by an attempted break-in, it must be repaired by an authorised Trellidor store. This is because it is a specialised product, purpose-made to fit your door or window. You need a Trellidor expert to:

  1. Check what damage has been done.
  2. Advise as to whether the gate can be repaired to continue to give you the level of protection you need.
  3. Or let you know that the gate should be replaced to keep you safe.
  4. Quote on how much the Trellidor repair or replacement will cost.
  5. Carry out the repair or replacement according to Trellidor protocols in order to validate the warranty.

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How to clean a Trellidor gate

So how do you clean a Trellidor gate? This is a good question because cleaning and maintaining your gate keeps it in excellent condition and great working order, keeping you safe for many years. It is also a condition of the warranty supplied with the gate when it is fitted by the installer.

The recommended cleaning method for Trellidor Retractable security gates is as follows:

  1. Use a premium quality (salt free) car wash liquid, mixed with water as per manufacturer’s directions and a soft cotton cloth to clean the entire unit.
  2. Hard to reach areas may require the use of a soft nylon bristle brush such as a dishwashing brush.
  3. Dry the unit with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.
  4. Apply the Trellidor lubricating spray (available from your local franchise) to all moving parts, especially all hinge points inside the channel sections and into the top tracks.
  5. Shake the can of lubricating spray well, apply to a clean cotton cloth and wipe the entire unit, or spray directly onto unit from a distance of about 20cm.
  6. Wipe off the excess residue. This will form a protective barrier against both moisture and contamination of airborne pollutants.
  7. A second application may be required if the unit has stood for too long without being lubricated and has become stiff, dry and difficult to operate.

Take special note of the following warnings:

  1. Never use abrasive cleaners, detergent based cleaners or solvent based cleaners such as scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, washing powders, thinners etc as these could adversely affect the expected life of the sliding security gate.
  2. Do not spray into the keyhole of the cylinder where the key fits!
  3. Remember to read the warnings on the lubricating spray label as the product is highly flammable, must not be ingested and is irritating to eyes and skin.

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