Upgrade security before the festive season break

October is the month that South Africans start to look forward to the annual festive season break. It is summer in that part of the world, and the longest holiday in the school calendar. It is the time when it’s customary to go on holiday, whether at home or away. Unfortunately there is also a traditional spike in housebreaking too. So add a security upgrade to your shopping list to avoid spoiling the good mood.

Do your security upgrade as early as possible. Suppliers like Trellidor have found that there is always a rush for door and window protection just before people go on holiday.

“To make sure your security solutions are installed before you go on holiday, call your Trellidor franchise in well before you take that well-earned time off,” said Trellidor Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

Use this quick checklist to steer you in the right direction:

Security gates

  • Check for signs of wear and tear. Repair or replace them as necessary.
  • Gates that are rusting or weak in any area may need replacing with newer, more technologically advanced versions, especially if they’re in a high risk location.
  • Check if security gates slide open and closed easily. If not, they may just need cleaning, as per your manufacturer’s instructions but never spray anything into the keyhole and lock.
  • Check who has access to gate keys. If there is any uncertainty, rather get the lock replaced. Or better still, replace gates in critical areas because Trellidor’s patented three-point lock is now standard on our most popular designs. It’s operated using one keyhole only, for convenience.
  • The older gates you remove won’t be wasted. Your Trellidor franchise will re-install them for you in other, less risky parts of your home.

Window security

  • Check that every window in your home is secured with burglar proofing, even fixed panes of glass. It’s no use selecting only a few to secure because housebreakers will use even the most difficult access point to get inside if it has no burglar proofing.
  • Check that your burglar proofing is fitted into the substrate surrounding the window, not into the wooden window frame, where they’re fairly easy to kick out. Replace any that look vulnerable.
  • Look for signs of rust on metal burglar proofing or rotting on wooden window frames that support burglar guards.
  • Repair or replace these to ensure you have a dependable defence against housebreakers.

If you have to choose, opt for a safe zone

If funds don’t stretch to securing your whole home, we suggest you at least create a safe zone in your home. To do this, fit a good quality security barrier in the passage or staircase to the bedroom area. Secure all windows and external doors in that zone with burglar guards and security gates.

There are several different Trellidor designs to close off the safe haven. Choose from:

All Trellidor franchises offer free security assessments of homes and offices. So if you’re unsure of what to look for and want help, get in touch with your nearest Trellidor franchise. But don’t delay as Trellidor’s factory closes over the festive season.

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