#TrellidorAnswers: When to Fit Fixed Security Gates Externally

Most security experts will advise that fixed security gates and burglar bars should be fitted on the inside of the window, not the outside. This is to make it more difficult for burglars to get into your home through the windows. There are some instances, though, where the only way to protect windows from a break-in is to fit fixed security gates externally.

Here are some examples from Trellidor experts of when fixed security gates should be fitted externally:

  1. The reveal space is too small inside the home

    The space that the window is fitted into is called the ‘reveal’ and it includes the area surrounding the window after it is installed. In older homes, the reveal was often deep because the house walls were thick. They were big enough to display decorative items or fit blinds and burglar bars into this space.

    Many newer homes have a very narrow reveal on the inside, with more space available on the outside. This does depend, of course, on where the window is fitted into the reveal: inside edge; centre; or outside edge.

    Fixed security gates generally need a reveal space of a minimum of 50mm, so if this space is not available inside the window space, but is available on the outside of the window, then the burglar bar can be fitted outside.

    An alternative option would be to choose a ‘face-on’ fit, which means the fixed security gate is fitted to the wall around the window instead of inside the reveal space. This could be done either inside the house or outside.
  1. The handle on the windows might be in the way on the inside

    External security gates such as Trellidor fixed security gates are also fitted when the window handles don’t leave enough room for a neat installation inside the home.

    Some windows have beautiful, almost ornamental handles that stick out of the window reveal space. They are very decorative and meant to be seen and admired. The homeowner may not want the handles hidden behind burglar bars.

    Timber windows often have a type of handle called ‘stays’ that could be difficult to access with fixed burglar gates making the space tighter. But even the more streamlined handles used on PVC and aluminium windows may protrude too far out of a narrow reveal to fit fixed burglar bars.

    The solution here is to fit the fixed security gates on the outside of the window, inside the reveal space if there is sufficient room, or as a face-on fit.
  1. Window blinds could be in the way

    Trellidor fixed security gates are frequently the last home improvement that people install, after blinds and curtains have already been fitted. Very little thought is given to how much space the burglar bars will need within the window reveal or even for a face-on fit.

    In these situations the Trellidor sales consultant may suggest an external fit for the burglar bars. They could either be fitted into the reveal on the outside of the window, or as a face-on fit if the windows open outwards. The custom-made Trellidor fixed burglar proofing would be designed by the consultant to leave enough room for the window to open properly.
  1. Windows open inward

    Some types of window, such as ‘tilt and turn’ windows open inwards. Tilt and turn windows either open fully or they tilt so that the top part only is open. In either case, fixed burglar gates cannot be fitted in front of the window because it would block the window from opening.

    This type of window, and others that open inwards for various reasons, dictate that the fixed burglar bars are fitted on the outside of the home. External fixed security gates will not interfere with the opening and closing of the window.

    Other types of windows that may require burglar bars on the outside include sash windows, where the windows slide up and down by hand; casement windows that open inwards; skylight windows that may require a pole to open and close them; and sliding windows.

    Another solution for all these window types is to install burglar bars that can open, like Trellidor Retractable sliding gates, Trellidor Clear Guard security screens, and Trellidor Louvre Shutters louvres.

Trellidor fixed security gates features

Trellidor fixed security gates are burglar bars designed for windows. They are manufactured from galvanised steel in the same trellis-design used for Trellidor Retractable sliding security gates.  The fixed burglar bars cannot open.

The fixed burglar bars have the following features:

  • They have a full, four-sided for increased strength.
  • These burglar bars are installed with tamper-proof fixings to add to their strength under attack.
  • The manufacturing process includes a pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance, which makes these fixed security gates suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.
  • Windows can be left open to allow in fresh air and sunlight, protected by your Trellidor fixed burglar bars.
  • Trellidor fixed burglar bars match Trellidor Retractable security gates in terms of design for continuity.  
  • You can choose between an internal or external installation and between a face-on fit or fitted into the window reveal.
  • The burglar bars carry warranties against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain according to the instructions provided by your Trellidor installer.

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