#TrellidorAnswers: What Is A Door Security Alarm?

A door security alarm is a small electronic device that is programmed to detect whenever a door opens; prompting an alarm to sound off. Security alarms are commonly used in residential, commercial and industrial environments for protection against intruders, burglary and property damage. Some are also integrated with other security systems such as closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV systems), intercoms, biometric & smart home systems.

How Do Door Alarms Work?

Door alarms work with a sensor and a magnet and are designed to be easily installed. The sensor is fitted on the door frame while the magnet is placed on the door itself. When the alarm is meant to alert the owners, a circuit is attached by a magnetic current that in case of an intrusion is triggered and sends a signal to the alarm panel.

Common Door Alarm Types

Portable Alarm

Portable door alarms are designed to hang over a door handle and will be activated as soon as someone tried to move or open the knob. They’re easy to install and are so portable due to their small size that you can carry them with you. This type of alarm is usually versatile enough that it can also be used to secure things other than a door.

Doorstep Alarm

This type of alarm resembles a doorstop and sets off the alarm as soon as it is pressured due to the opening of your door. It’s a small, wedge-shaped door alarm device that is slid under a door to brace it shut. Given the size and ease of installation, doorstep alarms are a good choice.

Alarms with Keypad

Some door security alarms come adorned with keypads. The panel is mounted near the door and can be opened or closed by keying in a code. All keypads in a security system have the ability to perform basic duties such as arming, disarming and communicating with the alarm system. In addition to buttons, they typically feature indicator lights, a small multi-character display, etc. 

Door Alarm Benefits

  • Deterrent – Burglars prefer a smooth and easy job & having an alarm system in place does the exact opposite of this. It deters them because they don’t want to risk setting the alarm off and the process of deactivating it is also a time-waster on its own.
  • Easy to install – Some door alarms don’t need a professional and can be installed easily by homeowners using a manual. That’s less cost and less admin.
  • Portable – Most door alarms are light and easily carried, giving you the ability to install them on any door you would like.
  • Affordable – A door alarm is the most efficient tool for protecting your home. This means that as a product, there are a range of options available – including affordable selections.
  • Multipurposed – A lot of these alarms come equipped with multipurpose devices. They can be connected with other systems including systems that detect smoke, lights, etc.

Given that this is a general guideline for Door Security Alarms, we strongly suggest doing further research on ones appropriate for your home – with the help of a professional. They are, however, the most affordable and easiest way of protecting your sanctuary along with your loved ones. Door Security Alarms are effective burglary protectors and serve as a beginning point.


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