#TrellidorAnswers: What Are The Best Burglar Bars?

Burglar Bars, also known as security or window bars, are metal bars that are bolted through your window frames (and sometimes door frames) with the aim of protecting your home or office building from invasion.  They can be found on any type of structure including single-family homes, apartment buildings, storefronts, etc. Simple versions include three or four bars set in a metal frame while more elaborate designs incorporate artistic versions and scrollwork to enhance the window’s aesthetic appeal.

This method of protection is one of the most affordable ways to improve window security and is a popular choice. It serves as an obvious deterrent and can discourage burglars from attempting to break in. Burglar Bars have also been improved over the years and have increased resistance to attack; making them time-consuming and difficult to breakthrough.

Let’s take a look at the few Trellidor options that address one of the most common questions – What Are The Best Burglar Bars?

Burglar Guard

Suitable for both medium and high-risk security locations, these electro-galvanised steel bars are custom-made to fit each window. Trellidor Burglar Guard are installed with tamper-proof fixings, making them the perfect security barrier should anyone attempt to burglarize your home or office. They are made from attractive and practical oval shaped tubing that is easy to clean & maintain. Very affordable as well – you can’t go wrong with Trellidor Burglar Guard & its three designs that go with any décor.

Cottage Guard

For increased strength, Trellidor Cottage Guard bars are fixed into the substrate that surrounds the window and not the window frame itself. Best known for fully fledged strength, these bars are additionally custom manufactured to match gaps of existing pane windows, making them hardly noticeable. Exterior style with internal strength is the best way to describe them.

Poly Guard

Sometimes known as Clear Burglar Bars or Transparent Burglar Bars, these are made from lightweight polycarbonate panels. Don’t let the “lightweight” part put you off because they then have patented extruded aluminium frames and a unique tamper-proof fixing system that provides proven protection. Becoming an increasingly popular choice, Poly Guard have a neat, transparent design that enhances aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for estate living or any décor with minimalist design.

Retractable Security Gates

This is South Africa’s most popular sliding gate. What many still don’t know however, is that it can also be fitted to windows. These are powder coated galvanised steel and aluminium trellis-style security gates that are engineered with strengthening features to resist attack. Your risk profile and budget are taken into consideration and the window barriers are customized according to your needs & requirements. 

Honourable mention: Fixed Security Gates are another option to consider for best burglar bars. They carry the same characteristics as Retractable Security Gates; only this is a fixed burglar-proofing solution.


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