#TrellidorAnswers: How To Improve Front Door Security

According to statistics, a burglar’s quest begins with trying to access a home through the front door and unbelievably enough, that’s always their easiest entry point. During a home security audit, people tend to neglect or undermine how crucial it is to secure the front door because many are under the impression that criminals  instead use hidden & less obvious entries.

Burglars prefer homes that make their job easy; don’t provide this privilege. Here are a few tips to help you improve your front door security.

Tip #1: Review your door security

Evaluate your current door security system. Criminals gain entry by simply kicking a door in and this is an effortless process when still using old hardware. Consider upgrading your system and have a checklist in place that will address all the points in your front door security that may be assailable. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the locks easy to pick?
  • Does your door have a solid core or could it be easily kicked in?
  • Are your door frame & hinges solidly hitched in place?

Tip #2: Upgrade your locks

The lock that you use serves as a starting & crucial element of your front door security system. Given that locks vary in terms of security level, it’s very important that you choose a lock that complements your door. Another aspect to consider is being aware of what your lock is susceptible to. Can it be easily broken with blunt force or can it be drilled into? Does it get affected by weather conditions? Research the most trusted door lock brands & figure out what level of door lock security you need.

Tip #3: Install a solid front door

Front door security begins with your locks, granted, but the actual doors also play a major role in the safety of your home. Exterior doors need to have a solid core utilizing iron, steel or any other material that provides better protection. Doors with such cores have more strength than just simple hardwood & can’t simply be kicked in.

Tip #4: Monitor your door

Keep your front door area under close observation. You can install an alarm or security system or invest in a few surveillance cameras (whose visibility alone in some cases already deters criminals). Or simply do both. Besides being aware of the activities taking place on your front door, another important element of monitoring is that in the event of a break-in, authorities who can intervene are also quickly alerted.

Tip #5: Install outdoor motion sensors

The more layers of security you have in your home, the more discouraged intruders will be. Lights cannot stop criminals  from carrying out a burglary, but they do often have a startling effect that heightens anxiety and fear, causing them to question whether to continue or not. Ensure that the motion-activated light sensor covers an extended coverage area. The larger the coverage area, the more effective the security is.

Tip #6: Install an extra security door layer

Two doors are always better than one and having another security barrier in front of your door will help ensure your safety. Trellidor offers ultimate crime barriers known for their strength under attack and are fitted with patented locking systems. Products that may be installed as an extra security door layer are:

There are more methods that can be deployed to improve your front door security system but these pointers serve as a starting guideline. Burglars’ first point of interaction is with your front door – ensure that you don’t give them ease of access to your assets and more importantly, your family. 


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