#TrellidorAnswers: Do Burglar Guard Bars Carry Warranty Against Corrosion?

Yes, all Trellidor window security including Burglar Guard bars carry a warranty against corrosion. This is because during the manufacturing process Trellidor products are treated for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance before undergoing powder coating.  This helps to retain the quality finish and increases the lifespan of the barrier, making them suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.

The warranty against corrosion for these burglar guards applies to defective workmanship and materials as well as corrosion. As with all warranties, terms and conditions apply but consumer rights under the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 are honoured.

Every time a Trellidor product is installed, the customer receives a warranty for that particular burglar guard. The Trellidor warranty is also available online and can be down loaded for easy reference.

It is very important that security in South Africa is corrosion resistant. This is because corrosion and rusting can weaken burglar guards, and this makes it easier for criminals to break into your home.

Burglar bar designs with a pitted or lumpy ‘orange peel’ finish, poor welding, and patchy paint coverage are far more prone to rust or corrosion.


The strength and durability of Trellidor window security is superior because:

  • Skilled welding at a consistent thickness helps prevent corrosion
  • Our high-quality paint gives good coverage and helps stop rust
  • Professional powder coating in our paint plant creates a smooth finish that is less vulnerable to corrosion than comparative products


Maintain the fresh factory finish

Once your window security has been installed, it is important to maintain it with regular cleaning to keep the surface free from corrosion. This is very easy to do. The burglar bars simply need to be wiped down with a salt-free, nonabrasive liquid and a soft cloth, dried, and then coated with a lubricant spray. The spray is available from your Trellidor supplier.

More details on how to keep Trellidor burglar bars clean and how often to clean them can be found on the website. You’ll also find more information on the warranty period for each Trellidor burglar bar design there.


Equal treatment for all Trellidor burglar bar designs

Window security designs provide many different options, and your choice will depend on which design appeals to you most as well as how far your budget can stretch.

With Trellidor it doesn’t matter whether you choose a top of the range burglar bar design or a wallet-friendly one, it will have gone through the same treatment against corrosion and will be coated in the same high quality powder coating.

The range of design options include familiar-looking window security styles such as:

  • Trellidor Retractable burglar guards that open just like the safety gates on doors.
  • Trellidor Fixed burglar bars that do not open but look similar to Retractable security gates.
  • Trellidor Cottage Guard in a cottage pane pattern.
  • Trellidor Burglar Guard with three different patterns to choose from.
  • Trellidor Poly Guard, which has a full, four-sided frame to strengthen it. This product is usually installed to stop monkeys getting into homes in areas where they are a pest.

There are also less conventional window security designs that look surprisingly attractive and make an excellent alternative style of ‘burglar bar’ and these are:

  • Trellidor Clear Guard screens that have a see-through woven mesh panel inside a strong aluminium frame.
  • Trellidor Security Shutters that look like other louvre shutters but have the built-in strength that Trellidor products are known for.
  • Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters, which can be customised as a really strong form of window security and automated too.


Points to note about corrosion warranties

  • Don’t fall for overly generous warranty periods used as ‘hooks’ to get customers to purchase inferior security products. There are usually such impossible terms and conditions attached to a claim that customers give up trying to get the company to comply with the warranty.
  • Trellidor warranties are realistic, simple to understand, and the fact that we have a 45-year track record is a good indication that the warranty will be honoured.
  • A warranty usually remains the property of the original customer and is not transferrable to the new owner if you sell your home.
  • The customer is responsible for maintaining their burglar bars in terms of a warranty. Negligence, wilful damage, and misuse are some of the reasons why a warranty may become invalid.


If you want to find out more about the Trellidor anti-corrosion process for burglar guard bars, how to maintain the high-quality finish, or the details of our warranties, contact your nearest authorised Trellidor supplier.

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