#TrellidorAnswers: Can Fixed Security Bars Be Designed for Any Window Size or Shape?

The best fixed security bars for windows are those that are custom-made because the supplier will measure the window and manufacture burglar bars to fit exactly and securely. Companies like Trellidor make several types of burglar bar, so there will always be a design to fit the size and shape of the window that needs protection from a break-in.


Burglar bar designs for any window

The idea behind getting fixed security bars fitted to windows is not just to stop burglars from getting inside your home. It is also about sending a message to them that your home is well-protected.

Another way of explaining this is that superior quality burglar bars on any window size or shape put criminals off. With highly visible window security on every window, your home is not the easy break-in target that criminals prefer.

Burglar bars can either be fixed permanently in place, where they provide protection against anyone that tries to break into a home through the window. Or they can one of the burglar bars designs that can open and close.

Windows in a home can vary from small guest bathroom windows to large picture windows in the living space and awning-style windows in an attic conversion. No matter how high up they are or how small, determined criminals will always find a way to get inside them if left unprotected.

There is a wide choice of fixed burglar bar designs, so you will definitely be able to find one that suits all the window sizes and shapes in your home.


Trellidor Fixed Security Bars

One of the most popular window protection designs is Trellidor Fixed security bars. These burglar bars are made to match the style of sliding security gates. They have the same double trellis pattern as the gates and are strengthened by a full, four-sided frame.

These are one of the best burglar bars for windows because they provide dependable protection from criminals, and they have the following features:

  • There is a choice of aluminium or steel security bars.
  • The burglar bars are powder coated in a colour of the customer’s choice.
  • They are custom made to fit each window, no matter what size or shape.
  • They are engineered with strengthening features to resist attack by home invaders.
  • This type of window protection is fully framed, which makes them strong under attack by anyone trying to break through and into the home.
  • The security bars are corrosion and UV resistant even at the coast because the components that make up the burglar bars go through an anti-corrosion process in the factory before being assembled into a unit to fit your window.
  • There are several models to choose from according to risk profile and budget.
  • Customers can choose between an internal or external installation. Fitting them to the inside of windows is preferable, however, because burglars have to break the glass window before they can get to the security bars, which is noisy and highly risky for them.
  • There is a choice of face-on fit or fitted into the window reveal, depending on which will provide the most seamless protection for each of your windows.


Trellidor Burglar Guard

This is a budget-friendly range of burglar bars and there are three different patterns from which to choose. They look similar to Trellidor Fixed, but they are semi-framed instead of fully framed. These security bars are the perfect choice for homes with lots of windows to protect as they are more affordable than most window security.


Trellidor Cottage Guard

Cottage Guard burglar bars are exactly what the name says: cottage pane style window security. They can be manufactured for any window style, size, or shape, however, not just for cottage pane windows. This is a premium quality burglar bar design with exceptional strength built into it, so it is ideal for high crime risk areas.


Trellidor Poly Guard

This type of fixed security bar has the added benefit of being see-through. They are not suitable for high crime risk locations, but they are a virtually invisible solution for less at-risk homes with the added bonus of keeping monkeys and baboons out of your home.

The Trellidor Poly Guard design has a four-sided frame, which makes it a stronger version of this type of window security than simple Polycarbonate strips.

In conclusion, the answer to the question of whether fixed security bars can be designed for any window size or shape is ‘yes’ if you get them made specially for your windows. All you need to do is contact a Trellidor security expert, who will measure each window for protection in one of the many burglar bar designs manufactured by the company.


Trellidor fixed burglar bars designs are only available from authorised Trellidor outlets, so find your nearest Trellidor supplier for more information.

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