#TrellidorAnswers: Can Cottage Guard Burglar Bars really protect your home?  

Yes, Cottage Guard are superior quality burglar bars. There are few window burglar bar designs that can compete with Cottage Guard on strength under attack. When installed next to windows, they are an excellent way of protecting your home against robbery. They’ve been engineered to be reliable and strong when assaulted by criminals using a variety of break-in tools. Take a look at what makes this Trellidor product a worthwhile investment in home safety.




High strength

Burglar bars are not all the same. Some are stronger than others, even if you can’t always tell just by looking at them. Burglar bar prices are a good indicator of the quality of the protection you are buying. 

For example, cheap burglar bars for windows bought off-the-shelf are attractive for anyone on a tight budget. Being able to fit them yourself is also a bonus because it saves money. But unfortunately you get what you pay for. And in this case, you run the risk of the burglar bars failing when you need them most: when attacked by home invaders.

Cottage Guard is an extremely strong burglar guard. It has internal reinforcing to resist criminal attack. This makes making break into a home through the windows a difficult job for criminals, who rely on getting in and out of your home quickly. 

The name ‘Cottage Guard’ comes from the distinctive cottage pane pattern created by crossing vertical and horizontal bars. It is made from square aluminium tubing that is reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre of each tube. 

This design ensures the burglar guard can stand up to the blows of a tool or weapon for much longer than most other burglar bar designs. And, of course, it keeps you safe inside your home for longer too.




Fully framed

A full, four-sided frame is part of the in-built strength of Cottage Guard burglar bars. The frame provides more strength and stability so that the burglar bars are strong when attacked violently. The framed burglar bars are fixed to the substrate surrounding the window, not to the window frame. 

The result is that criminals will not find it easy to break into your home through windows protected by Cottage Guard. The frame and crossing bars are easy to keep clean. Regular cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of any physical security system. It helps to keep burglar bars in top condition and avoids corrosion setting in. 




Custom made

Like all Trellidor burglar bars, Cottage Guard is made to fit. These are not off-the-shelf burglar bars that could buckle at the first blow of a crowbar. They are specially manufactured for each window. 

The process is that a Trellidor Sales Consultant measures each opening. These measurements are used by the factory to produce a burglar bar that fits tightly into the window space. The Cottage Guard units are then fitted professionally by a Trellidor Technician using tamper-proof fixings. This type of tailor-made burglar proofing is designed to give you as much protection as possible. 

Custom made Cottage Guard offers several choices:

  • The size of the openings can match your window panes. If you have cottage pane windows, the Cottage Guard can be designed to match the size of the window panes so that the burglar bars are hardly noticeable. The only ‘but’ here is that the openings must comply with insurance specifications. The gaps should be the right size to stop a small person trying to break in through the burglar bars.
  • If you don’t have cottage pane windows, Cottage Guard will create a cottage pane effect when installed next to the window. For example, a large, fixed window pane with opening windows on either side can be protected by one large Cottage Guard unit.
  • You can choose the colour of your Cottage Guard burglar bars. Most people prefer burglar bars to blend in, so the obvious choice is a colour that matches your window frames. Others opt for white or black as these blend in with most colour schemes.




Corrosion resistant

Corrosion destroys many types of burglar bar. It can cause pitting, flaking, and blistering on the surface of the metal. The burglar bars end up looking shabby and eventually weaken over time. When this happens, they won’t provide you with enough protection against criminals trying to break into your home.

Cottage Guard is made from aluminium. This means it can be used for protection in corrosive environments like the seaside or industrial areas. The steel reinforcing is inside the tubing, so it is not exposed to corrosive air, acid rain, or harsh weather. In addition, these burglar bars are treated against corrosion while they’re being made at the Trellidor factory. 

The anti-corrosion treatment at the manufacturing plant is followed by high quality powder coating. This adds further protection for the burglar bars against the environment. The powder coating gives Cottage Guard burglar bars a lovely smooth luxurious surface which looks superb. 

Cottage Guard is installed without any welding. The benefit here is that there are no weak points within the unit to corrode. This is part of the reason these burglar bars will give you many years of protection. 




Planned protection

Burglar bars for windows are just one part of a home security plan. For all round protection from criminals, they need to be combined with security gates on doors, a burglar alarm, motion sensor beams, good lighting, and cameras. This wrap around security can be expensive, so a good place to start is with physical door and window protection. 

There are many different window burglar bar designs to choose from. You don’t have to be restricted to one type. If you choose different burglar bar styles, they can be visually linked by getting them powder coated in the same colour.

Cottage Guard could be fitted to all the windows most vulnerable to a break-in and security louvre shutters on others. It is advisable to have burglar bars that open on at least one window. This window can be used as an escape route during an emergency such as a fire in the house. 



For help on designing window security to protect you at home, contact your local Trellidor supplier.

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