#TrellidorAnswers: Are Cottage Guard Burglar Bars Suitable for High Corrosion Areas?

Cottage Guard burglar bars are corrosion resistant and suitable for high corrosion areas. These window security barriers are manufactured using aluminium square tubing. Aluminium does not rust and is very resilient in corrosive conditions. The Trellidor manufacturing process includes a pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance, which makes these burglar bars suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.


What is a high corrosion area?

Most people know that salty, moist sea air is highly corrosive and any products you choose for your home need to be corrosion resistant or you’ll have to keep replacing them.

But the coast is not the only environment that can weaken or destroy metals of all types. Factories, power stations and other industries can create a corrosive atmosphere through their polluting emissions like dust and smoke.

This means that even if you live inland and are looking at improving your home security, you need to be sure that you choose a product that will last well if air pollution is a problem.


What Cottage Guard features make them corrosion resistant burglar bars?

The secrets to burglar bar designs that are suitable for corrosive environments like seaside homes or cities where there is air pollution are:

  • Made from aluminium

    The structural aluminium that is used to make Trellidor cottage guard burglar proofing is strong, long lasting, and corrosion resistant. Aluminium is more corrosion resistant than steel, but it can still deteriorate rapidly at the coast if it has not been treated correctly in the manufacturing process.


  • Treated to prevent corrosion

    Before the powder coating colour is applied, cottage guard burglar bars are dipped several times in a coating that protects it against corrosion. After this process, the burglar bars are powder coated with a UV-resistant polyester coating that further protects the burglar bars. All these layers give cottage guard one of its outstanding features, which is a high-quality surface finish. There are no lumps and bumps that could become weak points for corrosion to occur.

    These features make cottage guard burglar bars last longer than other types of window security. It also means that these burglar bars can be fitted in coastal and inland homes and offices and will give years of reliable service.



Window security that is strong when attacked

Cottage guard has other features that make it a good choice for burglar bars. It is made in such a way that it is very strong when attacked by anyone trying to break in through a window. This is because:

  • It is manufactured using aluminium square tubing reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre of each tube. This makes it very strong under attack.
  • Cottage guard is custom-made for each window so that it fits snugly into the window reveal, adding to its strength.
  • Each cottage guard burglar bar design is fully framed on all four sides for added strength. It is very hard to get past a framed burglar guard that fits tightly next to the window.
  • Cottage guard burglar proofing is fitted with tamper-proof fixings and no welds, so there are no weak points for burglars to attack, or for corrosion to set in.
  • Cottage guard burglar bars are fixed into the substrate surrounding the window, making it difficult for anyone to remove and get into your home.


Where cottage guard window security barriers be installed:

Cottage guard burglar bars are very well suited to:

  • Homes near the beach, either permanent or holiday homes
  • Homes with cottage pane windows because the burglar bars can be made to match
  • Big windows that are easy to break into
  • Ground floor apartment windows, to keep people safe at home
  • Homes in high crime areas because it is one of the strongest burglar bar designs on the market
  • Offices in high crime zones
  • Storage facilities for high value goods that are frequently broken into

In all these locations, Trellidor Cottage Guard will provide many years of protection, especially if they are cleaned regularly according to the instructions that are provided with the product’s warranty.

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