#TrellidorAnswers: Are Clear Guard Security Screens Attack Tested?

Yes, Clear Guard screens are attack tested by Trellidor. We do this to all our products so that we know that they will be strong when assaulted by criminals trying to break in through windows and doors. From our in-house testing we confirmed that Clear Guard is able to withstand a violent attack for longer than any comparable product.

Old style security screen doors were developed to keep insects like mosquitoes out of homes and other buildings. They were not designed to keep criminals out. They had a flimsy mesh screen, a weak frame, and often no lock. One of their attractions, however, was that the screens are see-through and don’t look bulky in doorways or windows.

Trellidor engineers used the screen door concept to develop a proper security barrier. They kept all the benefits of an insect screen but created a product strong enough to be called a ‘security screen.’ The result was Clear Guard, which has many security benefits designed into each unit.

In-house attack tests using the same tools show that Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are comparable to Trellidor Retractable security gates in terms of strength.




Strong Mesh Screen

The mesh screen is exceptionally difficult to break through, as can be seen in the attack tests. This mesh makes up most of the clear guard door or window product and is made from a high tensile, industrial grade woven stainless steel.

What you’ll notice is that the different types of weapon used to attack the mesh do some damage but cannot actually break through the mesh. Even an angle grinder doesn’t do the job for criminals. If they manage to grind through some of the steel threads, they will cut their fingers or bodies to shreds when trying to get through the mesh.


Full Robust Frame

The full aluminium frame gives the security screen strength and stability because it is made to high quality Trellidor standards.

The Clear Guard frame adds to the sleek lines of this security barrier. It is slimline and neat and complements the mesh screen. When you add the fact that the mesh is virtually invisible when you look through it, the result is an attractive form of protection from all sorts of pests as well as crime.


Sturdy Trellidor Lock

You’ll notice in the attack test video that even an attack with a crowbar did not open the lock. Clear Guard security screens are fitted with resilient Trellidor locks with computer-cut keys. These locks only require one key, but they lock in several places inside the unit. This makes the locks strong and difficult to break through.

A benefit of choosing Clear Guard is that if you have more than one unit installed:

  • You can choose to have all the units keyed-alike, meaning all the locks on your Trellidor Clear Guard units have the same key number. This is a convenient option because you only need one key to lock all your Clear Guard doors and windows.
  • Or you can choose to have different keys for each unit, each with its own key number. This option means that if one key is stolen or lost, whoever has the key will only be able to open one Clear Guard unit. The rest will be safe. Lost keys are easily replaced by Trellidor using the computer cut key code. Locks can also be replaced by Trellidor if you’re concerned about a lost key.




Custom-made for Doors and Windows

Clear Guard security screens are custom-made to fit any type of door or window. The benefit here is that made-to-measure security barriers fit tightly into the opening. This leaves little room for criminals to exploit with the tools they use to break in. It is hard to lever off a barrier that is firmly fixed into the space with tamper-proof fixings.

Trellidor Clear Guard is custom fitted next to doors and windows, with easy access to door and window handles and hardware. Each screen is designed to match the way the door or window opens and closes. For example, a sliding Trellidor Clear Guard unit will be fitted alongside a sliding glass door or window.


Corrosion Resistant Security Screens

Another strengthening feature of Clear Guard screens is that they are protected against corrosion. Corrosion can weaken burglar proofing to the point where criminals are able to break through them easily. Clear Guard has the following benefits that help to prevent corrosion:

  • The woven stainless steel mesh strands are coated to stop corrosion setting in.
  • The Clear Guard unit is dipped into an anti-corrosion coating that protects the product against corrosion.
  • The frame is powder coated with a coloured polyester coating that provides further protection against corrosion.
  • Once the product installation is complete, it is advised that the new owners clean it regularly to maintain its condition and ability to resist corrosion.



Multi-purpose and Excellent Value for Money

Clear Guard screens are not just about protecting people inside their homes from criminals. They have many other uses that make them great value for money.

  • The mesh blocks anything from insects to intruders getting into a home.
  • It filters out harsh sunlight and UV rays.
  • It helps to regulate temperatures inside the home.
  • The mesh screen lets some air flow from outside the home.
  • Lovely views can be seen through the mesh.


Trellidor Clear Guard Price

Clear Guard is a top-of-the-range Trellidor product that is unmatched for strength under attack in the local market. If you are very price conscious and don’t need a high security product to protect yourself at home, then the good news is that there is a lower priced version of these security screens, called ‘GriffinGuard’ and also made by Trellidor.  Visit the Trellidor website to find out more about GriffinGuard



Watch the Trellidor Clear Guard attack test video here

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