#TrellidorAnswers: Are Clear Burglar Bars Appropriate for High Crime Risk Areas?

Clear burglar bars are preferred by people that do not want their security barriers to spoil their views or the beautiful look of their home. There are several types of see-through burglar bars. Homes in high crime risk areas should be protected by the strongest clear burglar bars possible such as Trellidor Clear Guard. Polycarbonate bars are best suited to medium to low crime risk areas.

Trellidor Poly Guard is one of the strongest transparent burglar bar designs on the market. It is usually recommended for windows in homes in areas where the risk of a break-in is lower than high crime zones.

This includes secure estates, golf estates, gated communities, eco-estates, apartment blocks and homes with layers of external security. In homes such as these, the reason for fitting these burglar bars is to keep monkeys and baboons out of kitchens and other parts of the home. The fact that they also act as a form of security from intruders is a welcome added feature of clear burglar bars.

The benefit of choosing Trellidor polycarbonate bar is that the units are fully framed. The four-sided frame makes this burglar proofing for windows stronger than unframed versions of this type of see-through burglar bar.

The benefits of polycarbonate clear burglar bars are that they:

  • Are made from lightweight yet strong, transparent Polycarbonate panels
  • Have a patented extruded aluminium frame that provides a neat finish
  • The frame has the added benefit of providing extra strength when attacked by criminals.
  • Are installed using a unique tamper-proof fixing system to provide further protection when burglars try to damage them to get into the home.
  • The burglar bars are installed by attaching the framed unit into the surrounding substrate for improved strength under attack.
  • Have adjustable panels that allow gap sizes to be customised.
  • Can easily accommodate window handles and hinges so that it is easy to open and close windows.
  • Are highly effective in keeping monkeys and baboons out of the home.
  • Have UV resistant Polycarbonate panels that do not go yellow in the sun.
  • Are ideal for homes in secure estates with strict rules about burglar proofing because another benefit is that you can hardly see them once installed.
  • Are custom made to fit by Trellidor and professionally installed by Trellidor technicians.


Transparent burglar bars for high crime zones

It is no secret that South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, particularly violent crime. Highly motivated and dangerous criminals need a strong deterrent and, of course, very strong burglar proofing to keep them out of your home. So for high crime risk areas, see-through Trellidor Clear Guard security screens may be a better option than Polycarbonate clear burglar bars.

Clear security screens are:

  • Custom made protective screens that provide see-through security.
  • Tailored to fit a wide range of door and window styles.
  • Highly resistant to attack by intruders even if they assault it with tools.
  • Effective in blocking out baboons, monkeys, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • Fully framed for added strength under attack.
  • Made from an industrial grade woven stainless steel mesh panel that has been thoroughly tested for strength using common attack methods.
  • Able to assist with internal temperature control and energy efficiency by blocking out the sun’s UV rays, which is a huge benefit in South Africa and other warm countries.
  • Designed to allow air to flow through the woven mesh screen.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant even in coastal conditions.
  • Suitable for all levels of security risk, from low to high.
  • Supplied with a warranty against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion.
  • Suitable for windows and doors so that all openings have matching security screens.
  • Appealing because they don’t look like security barriers at all.


Crime rates differ from area to area, which is why some areas are seen as minimal risk and others as high risk. No matter where they live, people do their best to protect themselves, but budgets are often limited so they look for the cheapest security measures. Any physical security is helpful, but it is important to find the right type of security for high crime risk areas.

Speak to your local authorised Trellidor supplier to find out which clear burglar bars are best for your home. Or visit the website to see the full range of see-through burglar bars.

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