Trellidor Trellis Gate, A Practical Solution for Windows

Trellis gates are usually installed at doors or in passages to help stop criminals breaking into one’s home or safe zone.  But why not use them to protect windows too? 

Here are some reasons why trellis gates are a good idea for windows.


Trellis gates make window cleaning easy

Trellis-style sliding security barriers for windows work in exactly the same way as trellis burglar gates.  They are fitted with a lock and slide open on tracks, stacking neatly to the side. 

This makes window cleaning uncomplicated because you simply unlock the trellis barrier, push it to the side so that you have full access to the window, and clean it as usual.


Lock just like door gates

The sliding barriers fitted to windows have exactly the same patented Trellidor locks that are supplied with our burglar gates. They’re just as strong and reliable. 

It’s important to remember to never leave the keys in the security gate lock because you don’t want burglars letting themselves in after breaking the window.  Rather hang them on a hook near the window so you know where they are when you need them. 

An image of a Trellidor trellis gate for windows.

Custom made for any window

Trellidor sales consultants measure every window opening that needs securing, so the barrier that’s eventually installed will fit properly. This adds to its strength under attack.  Trellis-style security gates for windows can therefore be made for any window style. 

If the window is very large, it may require a double slider, which means two trellis gates that meet in the middle for locking.  Each window trellis gate will slide to the side and out of the way when necessary.


Provides an emergency exit

 It’s a good idea to install window security that can be opened in your safe zone, which could be a bathroom or bedroom.  If there is an emergency of any sort and you can’t escape through a door, you’ll have a window to get through instead.  Your trellis window gate could prove to be a life-saver in the case of a fire or house invasion by criminals.


Convenient serving hatch

Why not fit retractable trellis gates to your kitchen window, especially if it’s a large one that overlooks your outside entertainment area?  You could push your window security barriers to the side and use the windows to pass food and utensils through or simply to be part of the conversation outside.


the ultimate crime barrier

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