Trellidor Louvre Shutters Ideal For Estate Living

Trellidor franchises throughout RSA are being kept busy with requests from homeowners in housing estates for quotes on the newly launched Trellidor Louvre Shutters. It’s proving to be a winner for several reasons, not just because it doesn’t look like a security barrier but also because it is attractive from street view as well as inside the home, said RSA Sales and Marketing Manager Paul van Blerk.

Housing estates and cluster homes generally have strict rules about the type of physical security permitted in estate homes, quite often excluding burglar bars and security gates. This is intended to preserve the homogenous look of the carefully chosen home designs. It also supports the attempts of gated communities to keep security measures to the perimeter of each estate, rather than inside each home, and promote the safe lifestyle on offer.

The latest SAPS crime statistics show that house robbery, when people are confronted in their homes and are victims of theft, has increased annually since 2014. Anecdotal evidence from the Trellidor network shows that this is happening in secure estates as well as free standing homes.

We’ve had situations where estate homeowners have been robbed and subsequently installed security barriers without consulting the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association, saying they’ll deal with the consequences rather than be unprotected, said van Blerk.

Trellidor has several product ranges that are discreet but strong enough to protect homeowners. These include Trellidor Clear Guard and Trellidor Poly GuardClear Guard has proved popular in wildlife estates as it is see-through and also keeps out mosquitoes, snakes, monkeys and baboons as well as criminals. Trellidor Poly Guard is also see-through and an effective deterrent against primates.

Our Louvre Shutters is currently drawing the most attention, though, because it has the strength expected of a Trellidor security barrier plus a number of other benefits including its eye-catching, contemporary design.

These benefits include controlling light penetration and airflow; being able to alter the level of privacy according to needs by opening and closing the louvres; blocking out severe sunlight while still having some louvres open for fresh air; replacing curtains, blinds and burglar bars in one good-looking product.

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